Website Installer

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A website setup tool written in the Java programming language providing necessary functionalities to configure source files including SQL structures for the targeted database. FTP access and SQL support are required on the targeted host.



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Camera Life

Run your own photo website. Camera Life is PHP software you can run to show your photos on your own website. Camera Life is easy to setup and customize if want to blend it in with the rest of your site.

Organize-frogcms - Category plugin for frog cms

This plugin allows the user to setup categories for their Frog CMS website.


PwnPi is a Linux-based penetration testing dropbox distribution for the Raspberry Pi. It currently has 200+ network security tools pre-installed to aid the penetration tester. It is built a stripped down version of the Debian Wheezy image from the Raspberry Pi foundation's website and uses Openbox as the window manager. PwnPi can be easily setup to send reverse connections from inside a target network by editing a simple configuration file.

Tinwiki - tinWiki - easy to setup, simple to use and skinable wiki

Purpose of this project is to develop a simple wiki. Simple to setup and simple to use.Version 1.x is aimed at those who want to setup their own easy to update personal wiki website,- WYSIWYG editor- Easy setup, deploy the application and go- No database, files stored as html (xhtml actually)- Multiple Themes (skins)- Customizable

Expressme - A easy use package to setup a personal website

expressme is a easy use package to setup your personal web site,It include a blog, a resume, a album. Other features are expected to be expanded .

Music-networking - Website for musical networking.

Event listing for promoters, venues, and local acts. Setup events by promoters, venues, and local acts. Contact information for promoters, venues, and local acts. Profiles for promoters, venues, and local acts. website - Gaelic football prediction competition

Gaelic football prediction website built using the Ruby on Rails framework To get up and runningI use InstantRails as its quick to setup. Check out the code from seg2009 (not the trunk, I setup the repository incorrectly at the start, oops!) svn checkout full70-read-onlyPut the code in your InstantRails apps folder e.g. c:\\InstantRails\\apps\\seg2009 Setup a mysql database segosha2_development Run the sql script .\\db\\dump.sql in the new database Run I

Php-personal-auction - A simple silent auction software, written in PHP, for running auctions on you

This is an auction script for running auctions on your own website. Most auction software is designed to allow you to run a website similar to eBay where users can login and auction off goods. This is so you can post your own items, and auction them off from your website.Featuring:- User System- Messaging- Proxy Bidding- Simple Setup- Reporting tool- Does not use a Database, all items are stored in a text file (Similar to CSV)

Intrapages - The Social Intranet

Intrapages is a social intranet with lots of features like Wiki, Blogs, Polls, News Stream, Activity stream, Full text search, etc.. It is a single file and it is easy to setup. Intrapages require a Domino server and the extension library available for free download from openNTF.

Resplacecode - resplace codebase is a new website created to house open source projects started and maintained by a group of developers, the website was setup by two friends Porifrio and Dean, who want to offer great quality and freely available applications for everyone to use and abuse. Current projects in the repository are as follows: OpenWebMS - Modular based website management system, created to allow easy creation and manipulation of a website, fast, secure and for advanced developers. Other projects will be