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webplay creates from a collection of mp3s and Ogg-Vorbis files (directory or database) a web-based jukebox with support for multiple independent streams. it also maintains control over the stream and can change codec/bit-rate, skip or goto a track, etc.




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love-webplayer - WebPlayer for Love2D engine games (webgl+javascript)

WebPlayer for Love2D engine games (webgl+javascript)

Unityweb - A better way to handle HTTP in Unity3D.

The WWW class in Unity3D is deficient in many ways. Unity3D WebPlayer and iOS builds cannot use System.Net.WebRequest due to security concerns. The solution? Write a HTTP class from scratch, based on plain old sockets.

Mygtunes - A webplayer managing playlist like Itunes

A webplayer managing playlist like Itunes... Application is deployed at : http://gtunes-player.appspot.com/

Ebu-radiovis-webplayer - RadioVIS player for Web Browser

RadioVIS player for Web Browser (compatible chrome, ie, firefox and safari) It includes a stomp to comet interface and make the radioDNS resolution. Installationexample code: <html><!--/*Copyright (C) 2010 European Broadcasting Unionhttp://www.ebulabs.org*//*This file is part of ebu-radiovis-ajaxplayer.https://code.google.com/p/ebu-radiovis-ajaxplayer/EBU-radiovis-ajaxplayer is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modifyit under the terms of the GNU General Public License aspublished by

Uniplayer - Universal Web Media Player

uniplayerUniversal Web Media Player Uniplayer is JavaScript media player based on broswer's plug-ins installed on user's machine with own advanced HTML-based GUI. Easy way to embed video on a web page in spite of file format - Uniplayer detects the video (audio) type and selects the best suitable plug-in to play the file with. Currently supported 128 audio and video file extensions (70 mime-types) via 7 web plug-ins: QuickTime DivX Real Player Windows Media Player (Flip4Mac on Mac) VLC Flash * S

Rtvsoestplayer - webplayer rtv-soest

web player voor rtv-soest om de radiostream

Virtools-webplayer - a 3d webplayer activex

工具:VC2003 virtools的播放器控件 支�自定义BB 目��实现了基本功能 期待共�完善 by 混在北京

Charcaswebplayer - A web GUI to mp3 player

The project objetive is to create a collaborative web music selection software for using in corporate offices. The music choice web interface allows a group of workmates to listen their favorite music.

Projects-by-pushpendre - A single entry point for multiple technical projects to be uploaded by me.

hI believe in coding as a tool to simplify life. This space contains code in multiple scripting languages that i have used in real life: Applescript Coding, Automating filesorting through folder actions Link Tumblenote enhancement Link Embedding Unity3D webplayer in Google Gadget Link Querying the facebook graph using FQL for fun Soon See [www.pushpendre.in] for more details

Dana-g - Digital Archive Network for Anthropology and World Heritage Using Google APIs

This is a port, or more accurately, a rewrite of the Digital Archive Network for Anthropology and World Heritage (DANA-WH) java-based web application. The original version of this app used Java for the client-side app, and Tomcat and java servlets on the server side. The original idea was that DANA-WH would be a federated network of databases that was searchable via a java client and would deliver research quality imagery and 3D models of relevance to archaeology, anthropology, and heritage pres