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Free webparts for Sharepoint 2007 and 2010




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Cruise Control .NET Status Monitor Webpart for SharePoint 3.0

HDI Table

Simple SharePoint Table WebPart with possibilities to nest data infinite and summarize even Calculated Fields.

Sharepoint Silverlight Photoviewer WebPart

This is a Sharepoint Webpart project started on binaryjam.com that uses silverlight to display the contents of a sharepoint image library list. The initial release works with the Silverlight RC1 and Alpha Refresh of the same time period. The Webpart was designed for Sharepoi...

Silverlight Photoviewer

This is the stand alone version of the "Sharepoint Silverlight PhotoView WebPart". I have mainly used it as a test bed before changing the webpart due to difficulties in changing and testing a webpart. However this project has value in its own right and I am publishing it he...

SharePoint 2010 User Profile WebPart

This webpart shows all user profile properties and values of the properties for a particular user profile. The results are shown in a table containing the display and technical name together with the user value.

Repeater-Like Webparts for Sharepoint

These webparts emulate the ASP.NET's repeater fuctionality for rendenering and displaying data from list and libraries. They also enable the filtering throung views. Making the configuration so easy for final users.

SharePoint Silverlight Slideshow

This is a SharePoint Wrapper Webpart for the Silverlight Slideshow webpart also on codeplex. Uses Silverlight to display pictures from a SharePoint Pictures Library.