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What one block of code and a database can do to produce a web page can be undone by another block of code and the web pages, netting the source database. Here\\\\\\\'s how to take back information from the web.




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Rk-pvt-projects - RK's Private Projects

List of projects and their capabilites in brief: 1) CS531_AI_SuDoKu - a simple SuDoKu solver, as the name says it. 2) CS534_ML_SoccerResultPredictor - predicts outcome of English Premier League soccer games, based on results of past games (using Neural Networks). 3) FileRenamer - just a handy win app, to rename files by appending/truncating characters. 4) MineSweeper - you know the game. currently quite primitive, need to add more features to make it up to the mark of the great Minesweeper from