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WEBO is an open-source groupware built on PHP amp; MySQL and providing Calendar, Contacts, Tasklist, and Portal page features grouped in modules. Desktop page provides an overview of calendar,tasks,contacts and also external content, using the web news p




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Wo-flint - A thin layer of XML to sweeten Lucene development

OverviewFlint is an XML representation of Lucene's internal data model and a handful of java classes that make it easy to read and write data to/from a Lucene index. It also provides some simple classes to aggregate Lucene queries. The objective of Flint is simply to provide another way of interacting with Lucene. For developers comfortable with XML processing models and transformations, Flint may feel more familiar and therefore be easier to learn. The Flint model also provide a logical stage f

Weborganize-events - Event Manager

"Event Organize" is a project to assist in organizing events in which it is necessary to use badges and issue certificates online.

Schematron - ISO Schematron validators in XSLT1 and XSLT2

This site has code for four related projects: schematron: ISO Schematron validators {XSLT1 and XSLT2} converters including Schematron embedded in XSD or RELAX NG, and pretty printing ant_schematron: Ant Task for Schematron {Java} XSD2SCH: XML Schemas to Schematron converter {XSLT2} The site is under construction, for activation in later July 2010. Currently it is only loaded with the distributions for these projects, the source code and some of the test files: in particular, the various build sc

pir - simple web-organizer on flask and couchdb

simple web-organizer on flask and couchdb