Web-based filemanager

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This is a web-based filemanager written in PHP. This filemanager is more powerfull than other similar webmanagers. You can use this filemanager on any platform. Just upload it to the existing web site with PHP support.




Related Projects


QuickiWiki is an easy to setup webmanager. It is inspired on the wiki system, but made easy for non-comprehensive users to setup. The system's layout is 100% flexible.

Atoom-dynfilter - Dynamic filters

AboutThis project is a proof of concept for runtime and manageable filters (javax.servlet.filter) and chains within a J2EE servlet container and, more specifically, the GX WebManager Component Framework. atoom-dynfilter-core Core package implementing core filter logic for dynamically managed filters. It provides sample manager en resolver implemenations and has no other depedncies that the Servlet API. atoom-dynfilter-managerwcb Sample usage of Atoom DynFilter in the GX WebManager Component Fram

Standard-wcb-unit-tests - A set of unit tests all GX WebManager Content Bundles should have

This project contains a set of JUnit files that try to provide a unit test workaround for some of the flaws in the GX WebManager Content Bundle (WCB) API's, as well as unit tests to cover (at least) part of the WCB Development Guidelines. The unit tests should be easy to insert into an existing WCB, requiring only minimal edits to work, and cover as much things you'd usually miss when creating a WCB. HighlightsTests identifier guidelines for ComponentBundleDefinitions and ComponentDefinitions. T

Madmac - Madmac is a DHCP administrator web page. Add hosts, and let madmac create a dhcpd.conf.

Madmac ProjectManage your DHCP serverMadmac is a Java web page created to manage hosts and a DHCP server. Add host and your respective MAC address and let Madmac generate a dhcpd.conf. Powered by wakeful & JSTL.

Alptekin's Wireless Linux Project

AWLP Turns PCs with appropriate wireless LAN cards (Prism2/2.5/3) into full-featured, web-managed wireless access gateways. AWLP is written in Perl and based on Slackware 10.1 GNU/Linux.

Hyperv-webmanager - A C# webapplication for remote management of Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines

This application offers a basic webinterface for remote starting, stopping, pausing and suspending Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines. See Usage for a deployment manual.

Vader - List Manager - create, export, edit, update

Lists are simple, managing them should be simple. Let Vader take control for you. Vader is a list manager created in Vexi. It is list management made easy - no complicated setup, no databases or faffing about in formats that don't suit you. Create and design your list, export it to HTML, and that's about as complicated as it gets. It was originally created for use in managing the Free Gamer games database.

Saci-webmanager - Gerenciador de ferramentas para SACI

Uma gerenciador de ferramentas internas para o ERP SACI.

Webmgr - Web server interface for PalmOS

IntroductionWebMgr is a PalmOS applications that allows you to submit page requests to web servers. It was designed to allow Palm-based interaction with a CGI script running on a personal web server, but should work with any website supporting GET requests. ReleasesThe latest release is Version 1.0 (26/11/2008) NOTE: there is a known bug on the Treo 680, I am working on resolving this DetailsDeveloped using: OnBoardC SrcEdit Bird Screenshots

Linuxgameserverproject - Linux Game Server Project | Open Source Modular Game Servers

The LGS or Linux Game Server Project is a ongoing development of free web managed game servers. The mission and goal of this project is to provide simple easy to run, yet effective and full featured game servers in a small virtualized footprint, allowing for multiple and varied servers to be quickly deployed as needed. Web based controls are also being employed to allow for easy management and deployment of these servers. The current Virtualization product of choice is VMware, which is widely av