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Virtual electronic circuit simulation with JAVA based schematic entry and wave viewer, based on (Berkeley) SPICE, for any OS/Server/Browser configuration. Due to missing public feedback for over one year its status is set to INACTIVE (1/2004) - sorry.




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Weblab-framework - PHP Framework

Web-lab FrameworkWhat?WebLab Framework is a framework developed for and by the webdesign company WebLab. Why?Since we at WebLab are big fans of open-source software we also put our resources to the use of the open-source community.

Weblab2009 - WebLab - The World Wide Web Interface for Matlab

Welcome to Linux WebLab WebLab is a JSP/Servlets based technology that allows users to access and use Matlab programme through World Wide Web. Users can run just a single Matlab command as well as the whole M files, display results and errors (if any), and plot curves. Users can create, open, modify, save and delete M files, browse folders, and run some standard Unix/Linux commands. ScreenShots Following are some screen shots of Linux WebLab 1.0 web interface.

Weblabdeusto - Scalable, web-based and experiment-agnostic Remote Laboratory

WebLab-DeustoWebLab-Deusto is an open-source distributed Remote Lab continuosly developed at the University of Deusto since 2001. It makes possible to offer real experiments (e.g: electronic devices such as CPLDs or FPGAs...) to a certain group of users through the Internet. The experience of using the experiments remotely is exactly the same as using them in a traditional laboratory. read more... April 7th, 2011: WebLab-Deusto 4.0M1 released!!! DocumentationFull documentation General Overview T

Mathpy - Web-based scientific programming environment using Python and matplotlib

IntroductionMathPy (read meat pie) or also previously known as WebLab is a web-based front end for the excellent Matplotlib library. It is intended to be a free alternative to Matlab especially geared for teaching mathematics and scientific programming. Obviously it is not as complete as Matlab or other more mature scientific programming environments (R, Maple, Mathematica to name a few), however it comes with several unique benefits: User friendly and intuitive interface. Integrated development

Sg0809 - Krasnoyarsk Tree-Ring WebLab

Интерактивна� дендроклиматиче�ка� �и�темаТехнологии TclWebServer Expect PostgreSQL ToolCommandLanguage \t Операционные �и�темы win32 Этапы ImplementationStages http://code.google.com/p/support-ru/ Лицензи� http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Лицензи�_MIT

Trwl - Krasnoyarsk Tree-Ring WebLab. Next.

Интерактивна� дендроклиматиче�ка� �и�темаТехнологии TclWebServer Expect PostgreSQL ToolCommandLanguage \t Операционные �и�темы Windows (Intel, 32bit) Linux Ubuntu server Этапы ImplementationStages


A PHP Framework used by WebLab Webdesign

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