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Webgallery is a Perl script which produces high quality webpages for showing off a bunch of images in a directory. It relies on the ImageMagick Studio (specifically PerlMagick), and handles all the images that ImageMagick knows about.




Related Projects

Mado-art - Another php webgallery

Another php webgallery, but art oriented. Kind of artists' shop.

P7webgallery - pixel7 Web-Galerie-System

Modernes funktionales Galeriesystem

Comicunpack - Unpack comic archives and set up a webgallery to view them

Decompress CBR and CBZ files and use a php image gallery to view them in a browser. Written in python and php.

Kallery - KDE image gallery generator

Kallery - highly configurable image web-gallery generator wizard for the KDE Desktop.

Java Mass JPEG Resizer Tool

The quot;Java Mass JPEG Resizer Toolquot; has following Features Resize all JPEG Images of a Directory, Create Webgalleries, Pack it to an ZIP File for E-Mail Attachments. The Tool is available in German and English.

Flickrsetsbytag - Web Gallery: driven by Flickr, inspired by .mac

What is it?Searching for albums (and photos within albums) based on tags is very expensive via Flickr's API. This provides caching capabilities to speed up the process (and provide a gallery while it's at it)! Requires: phpFlickr 2.0.0 Lite.php Why was it made?My church, Gracepoint Fellowship Church, and its various campus groups utilizes Flickr as a photo repository. Since we have a bazillion of sets, all the other Flickr gallery frameworks (eg, Wordpress' FAlbum) are too slow and unable to kee

Thhwebgallery - building a web gallery in GWT

a little fun project to further my knowledge of GWT

Photoweb - WebGallery

This is a simple bash script to generate a stylish WebGallery.see Live DemoThe result is XHTML 1.1 Strict and CSS standard.Author: (c) Alin M Elena, 2nd-3rd of January 2007,