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This project is intended to be an http ftp or file manager app through tomcat web-app server




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Fileexplorerxp - Web File Manager (written in PHP) - Administrador de Archivos Web

File Explorer XPCurrent Version 1.75 Web File Manager, written in php Don't require Data Base Easy use Run in PHP 5 Look similar Windows XP Multilingual Support Easy Setup Compress Files with GZ Security Logs Access Data: User: admin Pass: admin Administrador de Archivos Web No requiere base de datos Es fácil de usar Funciona en PHP 5 Tiene aspecto similar Windows XP Multilenguaje Fácil instalación Compresión de archivos con GZ Logs de Seguridad Lang: es | en | it | pt | de


webFTP is a ftp by navigator, it makes it possible to manage the files of your waiter without having resorts to a software ftp. You have a total control on your files, so much total which you can publish the sources of webFTP on line. webFTP run only wit

Webshare - WebShare, the user-friendly webFTP explorer. Upload and handle your web documents with st

WebShare is a web2.0 open source project written in Ajax/PHP, designed to handle files and folders hosted on one or several distant FTP server through web-based interface. With a simple browser, you can view, copy, edit or save you Web documents as easily as they were on your own computer. But especially, you can access and share it from anywhere! In a completely skinnable interface, upload and download multiple files, create picture galleries, view properties of each document, add comments, mod

ehcp Version 0.29.13 released

new features in 0.29.13:* email change pass in webmail/squirrelmail* dynamic dns support directly in ehcp* example ehcp api* bulk add email* email auto-reply directly in ehcp, no 3rd party software* new default Ubuntu theme, by razvan* new ftp and subdomain options* a few bugfix, code cleanup* add ftp under my ftp,* add ftp with subdomain* show similar functions under each operation.new features with version 0.29:installer improved,Bulk domain add - Add all domains in single step,Add multiple do

Fileadmin - Web File resource administration system

一个�务端Web资�管�器,替代FTP的管�方案介�:一个基于Java与JS的开�Web文件管�系统,�以方便的管�自己�务器上的文件。 通过Ajax��交互体验,文件数�通过JSON格�传输。 基本功能列表支�目录文件�览 多文件上传 下载 文件�修改 文件删除�移动 更多功能列表文本�文档与图片查看 排� 列表查看 拖拽�作 图片icon 开��行环境版本jdk 1.6.x tomcat 6.0.18 Struts 2.1.

web-ftp - it is use for web-ftp ,beacuse in the forieng web ,ftp soft is not used sometime

it is use for web-ftp ,beacuse in the forieng web ,ftp soft is not used sometime

Web-FTP - Webinterface for FTP-Access

Webinterface for FTP-Access

web_ftp - Web FTP is web application providing web UI for accessing FTP server.

Web FTP is web application providing web UI for accessing FTP server.