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This package allows the creation of web-application with a clear distinction between code (servlet) and layout (freemarker-template). It contains an automatic and dynamic generator for freemarker-templates.




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Programacion web,el lenguaje python usando django.ABM ,Wxpython

Jsxt - Javascript / JScript extensions and tools

Javascript / JScript extensions and toolsThis is the collection of the Javascript / JScript extensions and standalone scripts. It consists of the original scripts by myself and other authors with proper credits. There are standalone applications: doc2html Network Calculator RGBCopy RGBSafe Timestamp Converter Unix Sandbox in Windows Installer (beta version) Windows Scripting Commander (beta version) Yandex.Slovari Shell There are following scripts with the complete functionalities: Ajax Array Be

Webels - e-learning

WebELS Meeting, WebELSx and WebELS Full Edition


The WebEl system employs port-based systems engineering and signal processing idioms under model-driven development with UML to provide reflectively encapsulated amp; distributed control, visualisation, sonification, animation amp; web representation of models.

Jpaperwork - Java Library for Form Processing

OverviewJPaperwork aims at providing a lightweight solution for rendering form data to html and parsing request parameters back into forms. It is lightweight in that it doesn't tie you in to a specific way of handling application state as many other form processing frameworks do. The ProblemIn web applications that don't buy into a heavyweight JSF-type state-laden frameworks I quite often noticed duplication along the lines of what follows, when it came to form handling: Parsing request datapubl

Web2el - Web 2.0 and e-learning

Resource for collecting data about Web 2.0 applications and their links to e-learning

Cinfony - A common API for several cheminformatics toolkits

CinfonyCinfony presents a common API to several cheminformatics toolkits. It uses the Python programming language, and builds on top of Open Babel, RDKit, the CDK, Indigo, OPSIN and cheminformatics webservices. It's open source so you can install it now for free on Windows or Linux. Or you can use it online through the Interactive Cheminformatics Tutorial (Windows only). DocumentationAnnouncement of Cinfony 1.0, 1.1 A presentation giving an overview of Cinfony 1.0 (from the 239th ACS National Me

webelements_site - The code that powers the WebElements homepage

The code that powers the WebElements homepage

SeleniumScreenSnapper - Screenshots with WebElement highlighting and thumbnails

Screenshots with WebElement highlighting and thumbnails