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This is a web application to manage the content of a news-based web site (you now Slashdot?). It's based on Cocoon, the apache XML web publishing system and Apache/ApacheJServ as Web Server/Servlet platform.




Related Projects

Etherpad - Web-based real time collaborative editor

Etherpad lite is a really-real time collaborative editor spawned from the Hell fire of Etherpad. We're reusing the well tested Etherpad easysync library to make it really realtime. Etherpad Lite is based on node.js ergo is much lighter and more stable than the original Etherpad. Our hope is that this will encourage more users to use and install a realtime collaborative editor.

Vannevar - A Javadoc web-editor

Vannevar is an editor for Java documentation, a.k.a. Javadoc, capable to access the code in a SCM and allow the user to edit its javadoc comments in a web-based user-interface.

Githerpad - Collaborative text editing using Git

An etherpad like webapp, based on node.js and socket.io, for collaborative text editing. documents are saved as flatfiles in a git repository for versioning. the frontend uses a simple textarea, so it should work on mobile devices too.

Wenet - Small webeditor interface for web sulotions

Small webeditor interface for web sulotions

Elastic Webeditor

Elastic Webeditor is Perl script that alows users to edit their home pages online. Administration is also implemented. It supports plugins like tar viewer, CheckLinks log processor and others. Its main feature is that you need only one unix style account.

Dopa - A content management system for creating websites

Dopa Version 0.3Dopa is a cms based on the Ajax technology enhanced by extjs framework.This application is strongly leaning on the ExtJs Framework currently Sencha. the back-end is completely based on extjs (javascript). this is a specificity to consider when approaching Dopa. Admin Login page Admin Loading... admin

Openbexi - OpenBEXI is a WYSIWYG website editor.

OpenBEXI makes text, pictures, and all other widgets edited in your browser look like the Web page you are going to publish with the OpenBEXI publisher. OpenBEXI Creative integrates the CKE editor, a picture browser, a simile timeline, DOJO toolkit-like calendars, form input validations, grids and charts which allow Web developers to quickly develop intelligent Web-based applications. The last release adds a user-tree modern interface to manage projects, templates, Web pages, and CSS from any mo