The WebDruid

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A web server log file analyzer that combines extreme speed with high flexibility and scalability.Can produce XHTML output for viewing with a web browser. Supports standard CLF and combined (Apache), as well as W3C (IIS) logs format.



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Dlux-portage - Public portage repository for Gentoo Linux

This project collects ebuild files which I created for myself, but might be interested for others, too. Note, that these might be pretty old, and I am no longer maintaining them: app_admin/webdruid (0.5.4, 0.6.0 alpha2): Webserver log file analyzer deb-db/postgresql (8.2.3): Sophisticated and powerful Object-Relational DBMS. media-fonts/freeserif: The FreeSerif fonts. net-www/mod_fastcgi (2.4.2r1): The FastCGI module. perl-gcpan/CDB-File (0.95): Tie to CDB (Bernstein's constant DB) files. perl-g