webdav servlet

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Java servlet that provides an implementation of the webdav protocol. Underlying data-storage (database, custom file systems) can be easily plugged in.




Related Projects

Davenport WebDAV-CIFS (SMB) Gateway

Davenport is a servlet-based WebDAV gateway to a CIFS network. This allows you to access Windows/Samba shares using any web browser. WebDAV clients (such as Windows Web Folders) can upload and download from the shares as if they were local folders.

Atmosdav - WebDAV server on top of Atmos storage - as a Java Servlet

WebDAV server on top of Atmos storage - as a Java Servlet. It provides basic WebDAV functionalities easy to use with any webdav client - including the built-in XP/Vista/7. It provides dav level 1 features: no locking mechanisms.

Webduff - A content repository which can be accessed through WebDAV.

WebDuff is a content repository based on Subversion and accessible through the WebDAV protocol. It provides the ability to get snapshots in time of the stored data. The project was developed during 2007/2008 by students following the course of "Internet Technologies 2" held by Prof. Alberto Sillitti (and Prof. Francesco Di Cerbo) at the Free University of Bozen.

Domino webDAV Documents

Java Servlets that implement the webDAV protocol to access IBM Lotus Domino data as native XML files as well as attachments in Notes documents.

Jpoxy - Simple JSON-RPC framework for Java apps

This is a simple Java JSON-RPC implementation designed to be simple to implement and able to expose public methods in existing POJOs via a robust RPC framework. For legacy documentation (as this may not yet be complete), see: http://werxltd.com/wp/portfolio/json-rpc/simple-java-json-rpc/ Project nameWhy jpoxy? Eric S Raymond wrote in his book, The Art of Unix Programming that the secret to the success of the Unix system/culture has been how modular each component is. In the section titled "Case

Juls - gems-juls-sampler

Java on Gems sample application (Juls) README file1. INTRODUCTIONJava on Gems (hereafter refererred to as Gems) is a framework extension forthe Google Widget Toolkit (GWT). This framework provides the key scaffoldings toprovide a methodical approach to accelerate the development of GWT applications.However, learning how to use a framework via documentation is a painful andhighly unproductive exercise. The purpose of the Juls sub-project is to giveyou context on how to build applications using Ge

Databasewiki - Wiki that is tightly coupled to the underlying database

databaseWiki (dbw) is a wiki engine for structured and unstructured data that is just a small layer over the database. Basically it displays (and edits) entries/rows (containing multiple fields) of a database table on the web. Fields that contain wiki text are rendered and it is possible that this wiki text contains embedded SQL which is either a query whose result is displayed or an action that is executed by pressing a button. Please not that authentication and authorization have to be done in


Fork of apache-tomcat standard and webdav servlets and webresources, running independent of tomcat


A simple servlet for WebDAV access to and mounting of HDFS volumes based on Apache Jackrabbit