macam - USB webcam driver for Mac OS X

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macam is focused on developing webcam support for Mac OS X. We are trying to incorporate many different camera types. If you want a camera to work on OSX, join in! We need help with testing cameras (there are soooo many). Please visit the Web Site fi



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Linphone - Video SIP phone for Desktop and Mobile

Linphone is an internet phone or Voice Over IP phone (VoIP), it helps to communicate freely with people over the internet, with voice, video, and text instant messaging. Linphone is available for Linux, Windows, MacOSX, and for mobile phones: Android, iPhone, Blackberry. It is using SIP protocol and it is compatible with any voip operator using SIP for its network.

Matereal - A Java/Processing toolkit that makes your software intimate with the real world.

"matereal" is a Java toolkit that allows to prototype interactive robot applications. It runs on Windows, Mac OSX and hopefully on Linux(not tested). This project contains three sub-projects, "capture", "connector" and "napkit". "capture" is a cross-platform library that uses DirectShow on Windows, QuickTime on Mac OSX and Java Media Framework on Linux to capture images with webcams. This library can be used independently without "matereal". "connector" is a simple wrapper package of, R

Pyppet - Machinima plugin for Blender

Developed using the GTK3/Blender SDK Current Featuresdrag'n'drop driver programmable Biped solving puppets ODE physics + joint constraints breakable ragdolls software music synth (using FluidSynth) real-time audio analysis from microphone input webcam and kinect texture streaming previews WebGL streaming client with progressive texture baking multi-pass recording of physics Features in DevelopmentKinect ctypes-libmv real-time tracking fighting/defensive puppets walking and path finding puppets o

Simian - Simian : Enterprise Mac OS X Software Deployment on App Engine

OverviewNote: our Simian 2.x release is now available! This release offers a more comprehensive, usable web UI and easier setup. Simian is an enterprise-class Mac OS X software deployment solution hosted on Google App Engine (why App Engine?). It scales to any enterprise fleet size automatically, and offers a future proof client extended from the active Munki open-source project. Because the Simian server is live code, not a static file server, it offers unique benefits over a typical Munki+Apac

Quickanddirty - The quick and dirty collection of scripts, applications and ideas

As we develop misc number of python scripts and small applications with Qt/C++, you can download them from here and use them as you like.. Some stuff also for Atmel AVR 8-bit MCU as well :p Mainly these are small ones and unmaintained, but might come handy. ;) If you have any questions you can contact us using Table of ContentsTable of ContentsNews7/2011 - Idea: Safe Way to Home6/2011 - Livetransfer5/2011 - Motion stabilized web browser for mobile devices4/2011 - A

Devicemanager - This is a Device Manager for the Mac

This program is designed to sit in the background and do basic functions for your gadgets. It currently works with all iPods, isync enabled phones, HP printers, flashdrives, logitech quickcam webcams, most standard MP3 Players. For phone functionalyity download proximity ( or grab it with the applescripts to use it from the downloads page. By Varun Sharma

Vr-wear-sl-headtracking - Analyze your facial expressions and map them on your second life's ava

The software is a modification of the Second Life client on windows and OSX and uses OpenCV plus a home-made filter chain to identify facial motions and expressions. We categorized those motions as a limited set of "emotions" and when detected they are applied to your avatar's head is Second Life. Note: third parties don't need to use the mod to see the expressions on you avatar's face All the code is in GPL : Only constraints : the webcam configuration pane must not be removed and reference to

Imagegrabber - Simple Image Grabber for Mac OSX Operating System

This is a simple image grabber for grabbing frames from webcams. I tested successful it with integrated iSight webcam. To make it I used libvidcap 0.2.1

Linux-track - Software for head motion tracking on linux/MacOSX

Linux track aims to allow Linux and Mac (both 32 and 64bit) users to use head tracking. We aim to support webcam, wiimote and TrackIR 2, 3, 4 and 5 for this purpose. This project is currently in a BETA state. Please check our wiki pages before you try to play with it - it should save you quite some headaches... If it works for you, please let us know; If it does not, let us know too so we can help you... Please check our HallOfFame for credits to all people helping us to make this project better

Glmixer - Graphic Live Mixer

GLMixer is a real-time graphics mixing software for video performance To get a quick overview, jump to screenshot section or galery. Video mixingGLMixer performs in real time the graphical blending of several movie clips; this is what I call video mixing, which could be described as an hybrid between image processing and video editing, but with a logic close to audio mixing. Typically, you load a set of video samples, and decide on the fly how much they should be visible, arrange the images in t