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To automate to manipulate form using .NET code




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Krawler - Crawler, Web bot ,Data mining tool written in php

This project is still in its nascent stages. We would love to acheive the following aims at the end of this project. A fully functional web crawler. Completely integrated data mining facility Automated and testing bots.

Phphttpsocket - A PHP class for requesting HTTP web pages

This PHP class is designed to make transactions with a HTTP server. It sends typical GET/POST requests with customizable headers to a given host and analyzes the response. The end-user can then request certain information from the response like content, return header information, and cookie information. The class also supports features like proxies, internal cookie management, and secure SSL.

Harvestman-crawler - A modular, flexible, extensible, multi-threaded web crawler framework/applicati

HarvestMan is a modular, extensible and flexible web crawler program cum framework written in pure Python. HarvestMan can be used to download files from websites according to a number of customized rules and constraints. It can be used to find information from websites matching keywords or regular expressions. The final goal of the project is to develop a full-fledged semantic personal data mining platform which can be used to retrieve information from the Internet in a highly customizable manne

Artificialart - Provides libraries for metaheuristics, artificial intelligence, random generators et

Framework for metaheuristics, random generators, artificial intelligence, linguistics, semantics, string manipulation, xml matrixes, markov chains, wave generators, music generators, web bots, lyrics generators

Rubypennbot - Bot used to access the web from from intermush

This bot is based off Greg Millam's Walkerbot. Its real purpose is to access/utilize/and translate web related information to the users with in the mush. Based on Millam's design, Rubybot is designed in Ruby and is developed primarily through plugins. Windows users should use: http://rubyforge.org/frs/download.php/71078/rubyinstaller-1.9.1-p378.exe

Webbing - Collection of webbot(ish) code

Collection of webbot(ish) code