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Sample code showcasing some AJAX patterns.




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Visframework - Visualization Tool Theme Landscape

Developed by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Media.Art.Research, Linz, Austria Project Homepage: http://vis.mediaartresearch.at/webarchive/public/view/mid:12

Hotelmap - Locate hotels on Google Map via web services

HotelMapupdate (Wed, Apr 7, 2010) : Due to web-service host request, I had to delete the files. Locate hotels on Google Map via web services. Project started @ http://informatique.univ-lr.fr in dec. 2009 Using Java, Apache Axis 2, Apache Tomcat, JavaScript, JQuery and Google Map API view source here see our report download the whole project or the web-archive Demo

Warconv - Web-archive formats access conversion library

Library to abstract access to web archive formats (MS MHTML, MAF, KDE WAR, simple mirror) and provide conversions between them.

Python-fedoracommons-webarchive - Web interface providing search and browse for a FedoraCommons and

OverviewProvides a web framework and libraries that will enable the creation of highly customisable interfaces that use the Fedora Commons repository software and the Solr search engine appliance. The framework is in an exemplar setup for simple dublin core based items, but includes templates and a content model typing system that is very extensible. The unused templates should give a lot of information about what is possible with the framework. The file archive/lib/app_globals.py contains the s

Imacbookreader - BookReader for MacOS X 10.5.+

BookReader is the Cocoa application for reading electronic books in the following formats: fb2 html, webarchive (Safari) doc (Microsoft Word) rtf, rtfd txt zip (all of above formats archived) Main features: Page scroll animation: Dissolvation, PageCurling and Swiping Table Of Contents with crossover hypertext links (FB2) Hypertext links and tooltips to Notes (FB2) Text search function Customizable operational keys Automatic and manual charset encoding Customizable fonts family, sizes, colors Cus

Opensearch-to-srw-gate - opensearch to SRU/SRW gate

The aim of this project is to create gate between opensearch and SRU/SRW and integration of electronic sources, which support opensearch, with metalib. Useful links: Metalib Opensearch SRU/SRW Uniform Information Gateway Czech webarchive nutchwax oclcsrw

Gmon - Automated performance and availability monitoring of IP hosts

Client Traffic is ALWAYS from client -> server (encrypted) Will report to server at specified intervals Will report on CPU, DISK, LOAD etc. etc. Will be able to use plugins from Nagios and perlscripts Will be told by server what to check for Will be able to update itself and plugins NFS/SAMBA/�Windows network filesystem� client support (dir for each hostname-macaddress) Application performance statistics (PerformanceGuard) RemoteConnection (TightVNC + RemoteDesktop + SessionManagement) Serve

Pwa-technologies - PWA preserves today's knowledge for future generations.

The Portuguese Web Archive (PWA) main goal is the preservation and access of web contents that are no longer available online. During the developing of the PWA IR (information retrieval) system we faced limitations in searching speed, quality of results, scalability and usability. To cope with this, we modified the archive-access project (http://archive-access.sourceforge.net/) to support our web archive IR requirements. Nutchwax, Nutch and Wayback’s code were adapted to meet the requirements.

Geograph-project - Geograph Project

IntroductionIndependent Mirror of http://svn.geograph.org.uk/svn/ For more information on the Geograph Project itself http://hub.geograph.org.uk/ or http://www.geographs.org/ About this googlecode projectThis copy of the source code that powers www.geograph.org.uk, schools.geograph.org.uk, www.geograph.ie, geo.hlipp.de and geo-en.hlipp.de (so far) is meant as a long term archival should the worse happen and the current administrators be unable to provide the above official repository. View copy:

wallabag - a self hostable app for saving web pages

wallabag is a self hostable application allowing you to not miss any content anymore. Click, save, read it when you can. It extracts content so that you can read it when you have time.