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Biblioteka Allegro WebAPI dla .NET



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Photoframe - Web photo frame using webAPI like picasa or flickr.

Web photo frame using webAPI like picasa or flickr. Applications will be developed for blog parts or social application.


JsAction is a simple and lightweight RouteHandler for ASP.NET MVC and WebApi that will generate automatic jQuery based Javascript and provide a direct way to call MVC and WebApi Action Methods using a single data annotation. You will no longer have to write custom ajax calls ...

Python-webapi - A model layer for HTTP/HTTPS

Python WebApiA high level wrapper for Python's urllib. >>>"Carmen Sandiego")Download WebApi Web Services as Intelligent DatabasesThis project serves two purposes. It is first and foremost a tool that developers can use to speed up web application development. With WebApi, you can query data from different web services just like you query data from different tables in a database. This "normalization" of web services into object instances of common types is, I believe, a step towa

Lepus-interretis - Lepus Interretis is a PHP Framework to control a nabaztag:tag remotely

The lepus interretis PHP Framework is a abstraction layer for the nabaztag:tag webapi provided by violet. The Framework can be used to control a Nabaztag:tag device. You can send some simple commands and more complex coreographies. The Framework is still in development. --- Das Lepus interrestis PHP Framework ist ein Abstraktionslayer für die nabaztag:tag Webapi, die von violet bereitgestellt wird. Das Framework ist dafür gedacht, den Internethasen zu kontrollieren. Neben einfachen Kommandos s

Simile-widgets - Free, Open-Source Data Visualization Web Widgets, and More

This is some of the supporting infrastructure for the SIMILE Widgets, visit the main web site at

Dynamic Grid (jQuery + KnockoutJS+ WebAPI)

DynamicGrid - simple grid for ASP.NET MVC. Based on jquery and knockout JS.

Allegrowebapi-php-class - Klasa PHP do obsługi

Klasa PHP do obsługi Allegro.plDokumentacja oraz szczegółowe opisy metod dostępnych w WebAPI są na stronie: Allegro WebAPI Użycie:Aby rozpocząć użytkowanie klasy należy stałe zawarte na początku pliku uzupełnić poprawnymi danymi. Nazwy metod klasy AllegroWebAPI odpowiadają nazwom metod dostępnych w WebAPI bez przedrostka "do" (aby uzyskać dostęp do metody "doLogin" należy posłużyć się metodą "Login"). Jeśli dana metoda wymaga podania takich parametrów jak: session-handl

Ruby-webapi - Simple REST client library

Ruby WebAPI library (will) allows you to access HTTP based API such as REST and Atom API easily. This project just started so nothing is there. Please wait a few month... :)

Sample Security Application

A sample security application that uses Microsoft Account (Identity Provider), WebAPI (Service Layer) and EntityFramework (Data Access Layer).