Web2PDA: Read web forums on your PDA

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Web2PDA is a program that extract Web Forums (such as VBulletin, phpBB, Invision Board, etc.) web pages and reformat them in simple html pages optimized for viewing on a PDA (such as Palm OS, Pocket PC or Linux-based PDA).




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Moonphase4mobile - Moon Phase Calculator For Mobile Phone

Simple implementation of the "Moon Phase Calculator" for a J2ME compliant mobile phone. Java Web Start Micro Emulator. This is a screenshot sample from the Sun WTK 2.5.2 Emulator:

Opengpstrackslogger - A mobile device client for gps-data logging at live.opengpstracks.net

This project is part of live.opengpstracks.net - a project run by private individuals - and implements a small client for gps-data logging for mobile devices (phones, pda, netbooks). It can be used with all mobile devices supporting the J2ME configuration profile CLDC-1.1 and MIDP-2.x device profile. The client only polls the current gps coordinates and posts the data to the web-server using a HTTP connection. It is built upon J2ME Location API (JSR179).


XMMS2SWI is a XMMS2 multimedia player web frontend written in PHP. The main purpose of the project was to make a lightweight internet frontend so I could remotly manage my XMMS2 playlist from my PDA with a very limited bandwidth.

Mobleta - A Mobile Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate lab sessions can be extremely busy. In the school we assign teaching assistants to support students in these sessions. TAs often find themselves overwhelmed by the number of people trying to get their attention with help requests. The aim of this project is to design and implement a distributed software support system for TAs and students in labs. The system should manage the chain of help and marking requests from students. One possible design for the system could use a web-based

Cds-php - Control de Service informático

CDS-PhP Permite mantener un control de todos las reparaciones que ingresan a un servicio técnico informático. Reparación, armado y desarrollo de las piezas en RMA son algunas de las principales caracterísiticas que permiten a CDS-PhP llevar un registro detallado de los progresos en el taller. Un poco de historia CDS-PhP nace como una necesidad de tener cierto control de los equipos que ingresaban a service, desde un principio manejaba el ingreso de los equipos, su seguimiento y el manejo de

Neompc - Small screen MPD client.

NeoMPC is a web based MPD Client which is designed for a small screen device with a web browser, like a PDA or a mobile phone (although it’s taylored specifically for a screen 240 pixels wide, I might change it in the future to be a little more flexible). You’ll need to be running Apache, Apache2 or Lighttpd (recommended) with PHP 4.3 or greater on your MPD server. Running it should be as simple as extracting it to the apache directory (or other web server accessible directory) and navigatin

6lowpan - Create a technology demonstrator for 6loWPAN

Creating web2.0 devices (internet of things) demo Using 6lowpan on Atmel chipset Create a network of 4 devices Touch switch RGB light Ventilator Temperature sensor .. which should be accessible trough web pages to Config Use Report Create a bridge Ethernet/6lowpan to enable any browser to access devices i-phone PC PDA Create Java application which can make a small demonstration animation Check scalability of the system No need to show high power, LED’s low power and sensor sufficient

Advegam - Tool for remote compilation mobile projects (J2ME, FlashLite)

My project is designed for mobile/web software developers. I use AdVegam tool to work on my mobile projects (J2ME, FlashLite) - but it can be used for web development too. AdVegam consists of server and client parts. Server part is the tool that permits compile projects on server. Client part is running on QWERTY PDA/Smartphone/Communicator, and it with "one click" automatically send source files from client device to server via internet or bluetooth connection, tell the server to build project,

Iseebrowser - A browser for WinCE/Windows based WebKit.

A browser for WinCE/Windows base WebKit. PPC2003 and Windows compile: 1. Create system variable 'WEBKITISEEDIR=D:\\WebKit.iSee' 2. Download cygwin, intall cygwin to 'D:\\cygwin'. 3. Start VS2008, open 'iSee\\iSee.project\\iSee.sln'. 4. Select platform 'WIN32(Debug)' for windows; Select platform 'Pocket PC 2003(Release)' for Windows CE. 5. Build the project. 6. Create directory 'D:\\iSeeBrowser'; 7. Copy 'iSee\\iSee.project\\iSee_EN.xml' to 'D:\\iSeeBrowser\\iSee.xml'. 8. Copy 'iSee\\iSee.project

Myjava4a - Sejarah Java

SEJARAH JAVA Bahasa pemrograman Java pertama lahir dari The Green Project, yang berjalan selama 18 bulan, dari awal tahun 1991 hingga musim panas 1992. Proyek tersebut belum menggunakan versi yang dinamakan Oak. Proyek ini dimotori oleh Patrick Naughton, Mike Sheridan, James Gosling dan Bill Joy, beserta sembilan pemrogram lainnya dari Sun Microsystems. Salah satu hasil proyek ini adalah maskot Duke yang dibuat oleh Joe Palrang. Pertemuan proyek berlangsung di sebuah gedung perkantoran Sand Hill