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Web2Notify is designed to bridge the gap between the web and your notify client (i.e. Growl™, Snarl™, Mumbles™).




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Buildstatusnotifier - TeamCity notifier for app engine application : http://build-status.appspot.com

DescriptionThat TeamCity notifier will notify the build-status application for the current project name, according to last build status (passed or failed). That build-status application shows simply a green or red screen according to last build status. InstallationJust place the jar file in your Teamcity/webapps/WEB-INF/lib folder and restart teamcity. Then, log in and go to "My settings and tools" to enable the "Build status AppEngine Notifier". Then, after a build, check your logs (stdout or c

Stock-fetionrobot - Using data fetched from google finance for notifying user's interested stock

stock-fetionrobot is a fetion notifier for stock message. User can subscribe stocks they interested and set both up and low bounds for stock's price. Notification will be sent via fetion when price > (up bound) or price < (low price). It is useful for those who want to release from monitoring prices all the day. You don't have to worry about missing good timing since robot will notify you just in time. Enjoy it~ Currently, only server side logic is implemented. Beside it is just a prototype, the

Tracefrog2 - Tracefrog - Advanced web page tracking program.

OverviewTracefrog is a advanced web page tracking program to track any blocks you interested in any web pages. It automatically looks for new content on web pages, as often as you like. When a change is detected, it can notify you by sending an email, instant message (via MSN or others) including a copy of the web page with the changes in visually way, or by displaying a desktop alert. You can also get tracked web blocks into your desktop via displaying it as desktop gadgets or web site widgets.

Tmsnetwork - My C# playground. All software will be licensed under GNU GPLv3

My C# playground. All software will be licensed under GNU GPLv3. Current Projects:My Timer My Timer is a small program that enables you to create countdown timers. When the countdown reaches 0, you can choose to: get notified with a message box get notified with MP3 audio shutdown/restart computer run application, open web page or documents More features coming soon! My Timer is written in Visual Studio 2008 using C# and .NET 2.0. Project Forum Please visit http://www.tmsnetwork.org/blog/forums/

Paste-img - paste image to web. perl version

Paste_Img.plA scripts to paste images to several on-line image hosts with perl-gtk GUI. The image url will be printed at the status-bar and shown with a bubble as soon as the image is successfully uploaded. Also the url will be saved to the PRIMARY selection area, you can paste it anywhere with the middle-button of the mouse. Depends: libwww-mechanize-perl, libnet-dbus-perl, xsel Screenshot: new: â—� mime: nautilus right menu associated with png/jpg/gif etc. â—� menu: applications/graphic/ add 2

Simple-website-synchronizer - Keep the contents and Sitemap of your website synchronized with the lo

simple-website-synchronizer ensures that files of a website stored on your hard drive are automatically synchronized with the website's FTP server generates the website's Sitemap (see http://www.sitemaps.org/) and notifies major search engines (Google and Yahoo) that the website has been updated runs on any J2SE 6.0 Java Virtual Machine Usage: ./sync-website /path/to/properties-based/configuration/file true List of properties to include in the configuration file: website-base-directory = /local/

Phprssdir - Provides the directory contents as an RSS 2.0 feed.

This script, when run from a directory containing files, will provide an RSS 2.0 feed that contains the list and modification times for all the files. If you have a folder on your server with files that you want to share, you can use this script to provide an RSS feed to your users instead of a plain simple directory listing. Being an RSS feed with modification times, it also allows users to be notified of new items as and when you put them. The script is based on a simple directory listing scri

Moniteur - A very simple service monitoring script in python

Moniteur is a very simple server/service monitoring tool written in python 2.6 (YMMV with other versions). How it worksMoniteur runs python script (called "Test") roughly at the interval specified in the configuration file (Test.cfg). If the script returns 0 the test is considered successful. If the script return anything else the test is considered failed and the result of the test is passed on to another python script (called "Notifier") which can do whatever it wants with the information. The

Php-sip - PHP SIP User Agent class

PHP SIP User Agent class IntroductionThis is a PHP implementation of a simple SIP user agent (UAS / UAC). PHP SIP is not a VoIP phone. It is not possible to make "voip calls" with this tool - only SIP signalling is supported - no audio available. Usage examples"click to call" in a web page - see Tutorial send SIMPLE instant messages send Message Waiting Indication NOTIFY send messages to any SIP destination SIP functional testing more... Featuressymmetric signalling send/receive SIP message conc

Jpolite2 - A major upgrade to the jQuery based lightweight web portal framework

New features coming: Features Done: Integration of BlueTrip CSS framework, with Grid System applied on column layout Intregration of Gritter as an utility function to notify users Integration with jQuery UI controls plus themes, as well as module drag-n-drop Complete rewritten of code structure, a smaller core with a strong customization system Module Types – various types of modules can be included and applied on modules easily Theme Support – three sample themes with a switcher, "Modern",