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A JAVA web application for chatting with website visitors over the icq network.




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Infhell - ICQ/XMPP informer for PGTA

SourceCore ICQ: CaffeineIM http://code.google.com/p/caffeineim/ ; Core XMPP: Smack API http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/smack/ ; Remote Controller: http://code.google.com/p/infhellremote/ ; Web browser: HtmlUnit-2.7 http://htmlunit.sourceforge.net/ ; Parser MS: POI-3.6 http://poi.apache.org/ ; PDF->XLS: "ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0" ;

Paintweb - Online painting application

PaintWeb is a Web application which allows users to draw inside the Web browser, making use of the new HTML 5 Canvas API. Go ahead and try the PaintWeb demos right now! You may also view the slides of a presentation I wrote in August 2009 about PaintWeb and my work during the Google Summer of Code 2009. UpdatesOctober 3, 2010: Converted the source code repository from Subversion to Mercurial. Also pushed a mirror of the source code to Github for those who prefer Git. June 26, 2010: PaintWeb work

Weblookandfeel - Cross-platform Java LookAndFeel and extended components library

Web Look and Feel ... Is an open-source Java LaF library with extended styled components and various utility classes, managers and other features like quick and simple components styling through special painters (with lots of existing implementations), ready-to-use wysiwyg nine-patch editor, various drag behaviors and many others. Download There are four different distributions available on Downloads page. Latest updates: 20.03.2012 - Nine-patch editor released 16.03.2012 - WebLookAndFeel v.1.3

Mobiledatanow - Query information from databases and webservices via email, sms or instant messaging

About Mobile Data NowMobileDataNow enables someone to query databases and webservices via their mobile phone using email, sms or instant messaging. Since its simply messaging, MobileDataNow works with all phones. Just send an email, SMS or instant message with your query to retrieve, add or update database information (depending on permissions). Quick to setup, MobileDataNow is fast, easy to setup and easy to use. Note 1: The download executible does not contain all the latest code which you'll

Icq2login - Web Service - Get User Information By ICQ Number.

This is a the web service. It allowed get icq user information. For a use click this link from test site http://nicolay.us/ICQ/GetICQInfoWS.asmx Other version this application was a windows app. But now, I rewrite code and create the web service. Language: .Net C# Description: If you want know information (details) about user, then you can use this web service. Email: Nicolay Ignatov - nicolay.ignatov@gmail.com Licence: Free Donate: Yandex.Money - 41001209729404

Ijab - An ajax web jabber client. Jabber Web Chat. WebIM. WebMessenger(Facebook/Gmail style web chat

An ajax web jabber client Go to http://www.ijab.im/ for experiencing new iJabiJab V1.0-beat3-2 RelesedFixed some bugs with Tigase server Fixed 'refuse to set unsafe hearder' error under Webkit based browers maybe fixed resume connection bug iJab V1.0-beat3-1 RelesedFixed some style bugs, long text wrap problem, transport menu layout and etc. Fixed onAvatarClick even open chat window bug Fixed some tooltip inconsitency bug Fixed can't open MUC window bug while no room there Fixed freezing bug(may

Bolgenos - Bolgenos operating system is free software, developed by Denis Popov 2010 year

Bolgenos operation system based on Ubuntu. Linux kernel 2.6.28 (on offical site available update to 2.6.33). Bolgenos OS has been developed for asus eee pc 2g, but now OS suiting for all computers (exclude PowerPC/Mac and etc). After install Bolgenos takes 1.65 GB! Have several programs from office package goffice - Abiword, Gnumeric. For development applications you can to use Geany or Gedit. For images viewing - eog and for editing - GIMP 2.6 (Bolgenos 1.0). We include in Bolgenos best web bro

Aimp-web-ctl - AIMP2 Web Control

AIMP Web Control plug-inWhat is itPlug-in for remote control music player AIMP over network. Provides very wide API support for 3rd party apps over http, provides player control over web-browser and much more! Minimal supported version of player is 2.6 beta 2 build 485 Why you need itSay, you are in an office. You have only one computer which can play music (one with dynamics). In the office, say, 5 employeers. You have AIMP on music-comp, AIMP is playing.. You got phone call - without this plug

Napix - Биллингова� �и�тема

Napix - Ñ�то пакет программ длÑ� учета трафика и контролÑ� доÑ�тупа к Ñ�ети Интернет. ОÑ�обенноÑ�тью Ñ�иÑ�темы Ñ�влÑ�етÑ�Ñ� гибкоÑ�Ñ‚ÑŒ учета трафика благодарÑ� иÑ�пользованию протокола Netflow, а так же возможноÑ�Ñ‚ÑŒ автоматичеÑ�кого контролÑ� доÑ�тупа к Ñ�ети интернет - на оÑ�нове доÑ�тупных объемов Ñ