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An application to convert various Internet content into electronic book form. In particular, the app is useful for converting RSS feeds to books that can be read on the Sony PRS-500 e-Book reader. It uses a plugin model to support multiple input formats, output book formats, a...




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Web CRM application to store, organize and manage business records

Ebookstore - Java based free web application for book shop store to sell search books by category

BookStore facilitates book stores to maintain their books by classifying them under different categories. The application has a customer view which can be exposed on the internet. Customer can browse by Category, Search books by year, publisher, name, ISBN and author.

DRP Address Book

A web based address book implementation using SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET, C#, and CSLA.NET

Nci5 - A homework of software design

This task is about how to help resturants setting up a booking system,from desktop to Web published and finally become a webservice.

Fb2pdf - Converts FB2 ebooks to PDF format, especially suitable for Sony Reader

The goal is to develop a command line utility and web service which allows to convert books in popular FB2 format to PDF. PDF will be formatted for Sony Reader (Libre) and potentially to other devices. Web service is currently powering http://fb2pdf.com/ web site.

Kotobna - H4ck3rZ Books Sharing System

a management system for "H4ck3rZ Books Sharing Project - Kotobna"

Entelib - Web-based tool managing small size library.

Small size library manager. Search for books easily, then reserve and rent it. Project developed under Django 1.2.1. Featuresprovides interface to manage typical library data like adding/deleting/updating books and user accounts, provides interface to manage typical book rental process: reservation, rental, return, provides e-mail based reminder on pre-defined events like: book availability, overdue rental, provides basic and advanced searching possibilities, provides set of pre-defined reports

Kohana-fabryc - a module for book-like web pages for the Kohana PHP framework

Fabryc is a Kohana module to maintain a hierarchical set of web pages that resemble a book. The pages are written in Textile2 markup. Fabryc uses Textile2 PHP implementation (classTextile.php) to process the text, and adds some goodies: include files (for boilerplate text), macros, and some typography.

Libya-err - E-library

The goal of the project is to design and implement system which will be able to manage books in library. Books will be put to the system by ISBN code. The system will be able to find necessary information about these books from Internet. Access to the system will be provided by LDAP using JAAS (including import of users). User-reader will be able to do following tasks: borrowing, reservation and evaluation of book. The system will keep statistic data. The model will be drawn in UML 2.1