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Web Logbook is an electronic web-based logbook. Main features include single GUI, multi-language, attachments, archives, simple users management, sort, user defined banners, search, import/export, trends and statistics. Good for small to medium teams.




Related Projects


JDiveLog is a logbook for scuba diving written in Java. It manages all important dive data, as well as the pictures taken during the dive. Features include import of UDCF data, data from Suunto/Uwatec computers, profile generation, web page generator.


RAWT is (or better, should become, :-) ) the quot;Radio Amateur's Web-based Toolkitquot;. It is a set of web-based tools written in php and using a postgreSQL-DB as backend for storing the data (e.g. qso information for a logbook, etc.) The goal of the projec

ELOG Eletronic Web Logbook

Electronic Logbook with Web interface. Good for personal and shared logbooks. Supports attachments, arbitrary logbook attributes and search facilities.

Rowbuddy - Online rowing logbook

coming soon Demo-Video: http://vimeo.com/18930395

Divelog - Web based diving logbook

This web service is diving logbook. import from dive computer or input yourself.

Tracks-book - Gps tracks and workout logbook, for sport activity

Tracks-book is a web-based logbook of tracks, recorded with a gps devices or mapped using a builder on a map The initial version works using Google Gears, in order to permit a easy setup for users.

Cyclingtrainer - An interactive community of cyclists and their training courses

Web application to upload cycling courses, compare members of the community, keep a personal logbook, and perform interactive simulations and training recommendations.

Simplifyconnections - Map pushpins and comment logbooks for people in existing locales, groups or or

Either create a map or logbook, or use an existing map or logbook that requires no signup or registration -- only the creator of the map/log needs to signup for a Google account. A "Playground" application is at http://simplifyconnections.appspot.com/ The map and the logbook can be used independently or together. Existing apps are hosted by GAE, so Google account holders do not need a web server. This application is a generalization of carpoolfinder.appspot.com which also exists. The purpose of

FlightLog: Mobile Aviators Flight Log

FlightLog is a WebOS application designed as an aviators logbook. FlightLog is for those aviators who don't want/need the full features of FlightBriefer but, instead, want a simple logbook function on their Palm/WebOS device.

Golfml - XML Specifications for Golf Courses and Score Data Exchange

The purpose of GolfML is to provide a XML-based file format for the exchange of golf-related data. There are numerous golf scorecard programs and online web sites that allow golfers to browse course information, print scorecards, keep track of scores, and analyze statistics, or view a Google Earth fly-over of each hole. Most programs or web sites use proprietary data representation and only few of them allow for data exchange of course descriptions such as scorecard, hole par, length and handica