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Website for the management of online game leagues. Written in PhP/mySQL. Originally implemented for the management of a BZflag league (see SF project bzflag), we are working on making the code more generic, so that it may be used for other game styles.




Related Projects

Mngolfleague - Moose Knuckle Golf League

This is the web project for the Moose Knuckle Golf League. Mostly a training piece for Groovy on Grails.

myleague.us website for sports leagues

MyLeague.us is a web system for managing sports leagues for children. Developed by class CS 242, Spring 2009, under Pr. David Roberts. George Washington University, Washington, DC

Sysportsleague - Yet Another Youth Sports League Web Site - Start to Finish

Novice development of yet another youth sports league web site from start to finish. Project is documentation of learning Google App Engine from newbies point of view.

Ootpfantasyleagues - Open Source CodeIgniter based online mod for OOTP Baseball

OOTP Fantasy Leagues is a web mod that works similar to StatsLab, but obviously is geared towards creating and running Fantasy baseball leagues based off of an OOTP game. You can view a live demo of the private beta league at the OOTP Fantasy Leagues web site. It works like any web site. You install it on a web server, connect it to your web based OOTP database and then begin creating leagues and inviting owners. Anyone can be commissioner of a league (though only one at a time right now) and an

Mutantsimbasketball - simulaton basketball league including multi - league, season, and franchise

Web based simulation league that will allow users to take control as gm/owner of a franchise in a world league of pro basketball. The idea is to develop players into superstars or role players to fit your teams scheme. NBA JAM features of viewing game simulation maybe related with later versions.

Nonleagueexplorer - View league tables, fixtures and results of football teams in the English non-le

NonLeagueExplorer will allow the offline viewing of fixtures, results, and league tables for football teams in the English non league pyramid. This will mainly focus on Steps 1-5 of the pyramid at the moment with the possibility of further expansion later on. The main data source will hopefully be http://www.tonykempster.co.uk/ but this is yet to be confirmed. The application will download the latest data and then allow the user to view this information offline.

Blms - A Web-Based League Management System for billiards games

The overall objective is to have a web-based system that any billiard league in the world can use free of charge to manage its activities. As deliverables of this project, two things are possible: The software itself. This is open source and anyone can use it as they wish. It is possible that I may host the League Management System as a free service itself for league operators and players to use without having to download and install any software.

Seamplay - Betting-WebApp as Seam Tech-Demo

This is supposed to learn and show Seam's technology and power in a Betting-WebApp, that is intended for fun use only. It covers Tournaments and Leagues as well.

League-of-extraordinary-developers - LOED

This project hosts the source code for the LOED website www.loed.co.za

Sports-org - A web application suite suitable for managing a sports organization.

Aims to provide a web application suite that allows a sports organization to: 1. Register players, coaches, volunteers, etc. 2. Define playing and practicing venues and times. 3. Define multiple leagues that might have muliple divisions with teams. Define the age groups from the league. 4. Define the roster of the teams. 5. Define and/or automatically generate schedules based on the teams and venue availability. 6. Keep up with team records and standings. It is sport agnostic. It should be able