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WFV is a simple PHP file to put in the root of your public documents to make them available on the web. It shows previews of pictures as thumbnails and display all the links needed. It is fully configurable and uses short web addresses. Please visit the web site for more info.




Related Projects

WebSVN - Online subversion repository browser

WebSVN provides web interface to view Subversion repository. It helps to view file or directory and see a list of all the files changed, added or deleted in any given revision. It provides support to view the differences between two versions of a file.

Google-Code-Prettify - Syntax Highlighting of Code Snippets in a Web Page

A Javascript module and CSS file that allows syntax highlighting of source code snippets in an html page. It supports number of languages including C, C+=, Java, Python, Bash, SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, and Makefiles. It works passably on Ruby, PHP, VB, and Awk and a decent subset of Perl and Ruby. Extensible language handlers available for other languages.


An interactive viewer for three-dimensional chemical structures.


A viewer for Microsoft Help quot;CHMquot; (aka Compiled HTML) files on Mac OS X 10.3 using Cocoa, WebKit and chmlib.


Genealogy Software. Geneotree is a gedcom files PHP viewer, full dynamic on the Web. Main features : dynamic trees, cartography amp; stats. Many PDF reports, statistics. Special consanguinity and cousins lists. Large files management amp; optimized ergonomy.

Jchmweb - A web-based CHM viewer.

jchmweb is a standalone web server which could be used to view CHM files from almost any web browser.

Online-manga-viewer - Online manga viewer build with speed in mind

Online Manga Viewer is a small php program build for convenience and speed for the end user. It consists of an admin panel which resizes all the images and generates the static html files used for reading the manga. The viewer uses a simple JS to preload the pages while reading so it goes to the next page immediately.

Simplefilemanager - Simple File Manager

Simple File Manager (SFM) is a web based file management utility. Target user: Those that won't, can't or SHOULD NOT use ftp. Upload, rename, delete, folder creation, image & text viewer and mime type downloads.

Odp-view - This is a project to make web based viewwe for odp files

We have not started thsi project. The Aim of thsi project is to build a web based Open Document Viewer using javascript and xml parsing. Open Office format are xml based format which can be parsed and viewed over web.

Android-codepad - Source code viewer for the android platform

Android CodePad is a simple source code viewer that supports syntax highlighting. it supports all C-like, Bash-like, and XML-like languages. it automatically selects the syntax depending on the file. Android CodePad uses WebKit and google-code-prettify to do the syntax highlighting. QR Code:

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