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The web-calculus is a web services design methodology that leverages REST design patterns for distributed computation with decentralized authorization. This project implements the Waterken web-calculus (http://waterken.sf.net) in ASP.NET.




Related Projects

Mathematical Assistant on Web

Mathematical Assistant on Web is a web interface for Maxima computations, including steps in the solution. The demo site is http://www.mendelu.cz/user/marik/maw and covers selected problems typical for courses of calculus on technical universities.

a validating tool of BPEL programme

This project proposes a tool for formal verification of web services composition based on Pi-calculus and the conversion between BPEL and pi-calculus. This tool integrates two kinds of formal verification techniques and can validate automatically.

Advanced-math-calculator - A calculator that can be used to solve math equations ranging from calcul

This calculator is designed to allow for the computation of non-trivial mathematical expressions. The project started out as figuring out how to calculate a definite integral without using applications like matlab or octave. The intention of this project now is to include some general use applications: definite integral calculator, solving linear equations, etc... Without the overhead of a scripting language or a full blown application. This calculator is designed so that it can run as a stand a

Ammp-math - Advanced Mobile Math Package (A.M.M.P project)

The program intended for mathematical research of functions and graph plotting on modern mobile devices has been developed. As well some parts of Calculus, Linear Algebra, Analytical Geometry, Logic and Discreet Math are available. The most important features of the A.M.M.P are: •\tPlotting graphs of functions: up to 10 in the same coordinate system. Graphs can be plotted in Cartesian or polar coordinate system. Functions can be input as an elementary formula, in the form of gapped function, i

Spanweb - Seu Pacote de Análise Numérica

Ferramenta para auxílio no aprendizado de métodos numéricos. Atualmente: Equações não-lineares (raízes de funções, incluindo funções transcedentais, trigonométricas, etc...) Método da bissecção; Método do ponto fixo; Método da posição falsa; Método de Newton-Raphson e Método da Secante. Sistemas lineares Eliminação de Gauss

Equation-solver - An algebraic equation parser and solver

Equation SolverWelcome to the Equation Solver. Equation Solver is an equation parser and solver for JScience and is the solution engine used for the Equation Solver web site. If you're just looking for a guide on how to build your own equation parser, I wrote this wiki entry on how to get started. The Equation Solver uses OOD Principals. Here's a sample unit test: //test implied multiplicationString line = "(x-3)(x+5)-(x+2)(x-4) = 2x-5(x+4)";\t\tEquationBuilder b = new EquationBuilder();new Equa

Pyintegrate - A python utility to take a function f(x) and return the indefinite integral

IntroductionThis script does not actually evalutate the indefinite integral, but uses Wolfram Alpha to do all of the work. I'm just polling their web service located here: http://integrals.wolfram.com/index.jsp How to useNote you must have lxml installed to use this utility It should be available with easy_install and pip: sudo easy_install lxmlIt is also available in the fedora (13) yum repositories with: sudo yum install python-lxmlI think I've had issues in the past with lxml and easy_install

Tnt-dynamite - Typed Nomadic Time (TNT) Simulator / Execution Environment

Introduction Concurrent behaviour is an inherent part of the real world, with multiple events occurring simultaneously, each of which can interact and affect others. Traditional approaches within computer science tend towards a more idealistic viewpoint, representing sequential isolated behaviour, with concurrency considered as an afterthought. The area of concurrency theory instead focuses on concurrent processes and their interactions, making these considerations more central to the models cre

Scientific-calculator-for-android - Scientific Calculator for Android

A scientific calculator for the Android platform with the following features: Numerical evaluation with support of standard functions. Equations plotting (very basic) News: Ported to new SDK. Tested on G1 (and it seems to work). Features to come: Better UI. Symbolic calculus. Possibility to program the calculator Fetching programs on a repository over the web. Importing data for plotting, statistical computations. Exporting data for use with other applications. Screenshots:

Hermit-reasoner - An OWL 2 DL reasoner based on hypertableau.

HermiT is reasoner for ontologies written using the Web Ontology Language (OWL). Given an OWL file, HermiT can determine whether or not the ontology is consistent, identify subsumption relationships between classes, and much more. HermiT is the first publicly-available OWL reasoner based on a novel “hypertableau� calculus which provides much more efficient reasoning than any previously-known algorithm. Ontologies which previously required minutes or hours to classify can often by classified