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Google-weather-globe - Got Weather? Displays weather conditions inside a 3D glass sphere.

Always updated, this Weather Globe displays the current weather conditions and 3 day forecast inside an attractive 3D glass globe. Simply enter your desired city and state (for United States) or choose from the list of cities in the options menu and watch the weather conditions change in real-time. Just like a real snow globe, mouse over the gadget to 'shake things up' a bit and make it snow.

Weathertime - Weather forecasting screensaver plugin for Logitech's Slimserver/SqueezeCenter

If you are looking for the version of WeatherTime for SqueezeCenter7, head over to the Featured Downloads to your right and grab Plugins-WeatherTime-Plugin Alternatively you can add the URL your Extension Downloader configuration within Squeezecenter and automagically stay up-to-date with future releases. WeatherTime is a screensaver to show graphical weather forecasts along with the current date and time on Slim Devices great netwo

Weatherfront - Front Row plugin to fetch the weather forecast from the internet.

Front Row plug-in to fetch the weather forecast from the internet.WeatherFront will display the current conditions and a three days forecast for your area. has shutdown the free weather XML stream at mid of November 2011. We'll try to fix this in the near future. VersionsCurrent stable release is v1.3. Multi-language support is available in the 2.0_preview. (Currently supporting English, Dutch & German). ContributeWe need your help to translate WeatherFront to your language.

Madphilosopher - Public source code repository of Darren Paul Griffith

Various programming projects of mine made public for easy sharing and updating. Weather Grab 3Fetches METAR weather reports from the web and inserts them into an SQLite database code fbCal to calendar(1) converterTakes ical output from the fbCal Facebook application and converts it to a format readable by the unix calendar(1) reminder service code

Rilwis - Rilwis's Code

Some javascript code from Rilwis. Meta Box Script For WordPressAdd meta boxes in post editing page in WordPress with ease. See guide and explanation for code here CSS3 Accordion MenuCreate accordion menu using pure CSS3 See guide and examples here Show Weather InformationGet information at specified location (city, country) by using Yahoo! Weather API and YQL. See guide and exaples here You can see source files in the Source tab.

Googpl - IRC bot

IRC bot frontend for various Google and other online services. This originally started out as just a weather bot. Then it kind of got out of hand from there. Currently does URL shortening, searches, weather lookup, translation, calculator, RFC 2229 dictionary lookups, woot, stock quotes, urbandictionary, twitter status lookups, bofh excuse calendar, tinysong search, wikipedia lookup, lookup, w3 validation, and tv episode information.

Arduino-3g-gsm-broadcast-weather-station - Arduino�sim300�sony_k700�GSM

Arduino processing of meteorological information and use by 3G / GSM network spread to the site to be managed.


Project libraries used to decode airport METAR weather information into adequate data types, change them and back, create resulting METAR information string. Moreover, project used to download METAR by ICAO airport code is included.


Collection of Java code to grab weather observations and forecasts for 3,000 locations around the world. Also will have useful weather related calculations and conversions.

Mydroid - A handy tool that improves general mobile user social experience on adroid-based devices.

IntroductionMydroid is a handy tool that improves general mobile user social experience on adroid-based devices including receiving and posting personal updates. To achieve that target, mydroid provides the following functionalities: Receiving updates from (1) friends of various social networks, (2) News from RSS feeds and (3) Weather and travel info. Posting the updates to blogging and micro-blogging platforms. Providing a clean an convenient interface to access all of the functions. Supported