WDTV Movie SHeet Generator

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VB.NET project that uses IMDB & theMovieDB.org to generate movie sheets. Notes About the code. This project started out as a personal tool rather than a community tool therefore alot of the source code is uncommented however most developers will be able to see whats going on.




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WDTV HD Movie Sheet Generator

Let's continue developing what Beanian started !

Moviejukebox2osdmod - Converter for xml-files generated with Moviejukebox to osdMod-data.txt/xml for

Converter for xml-files generated with Moviejukebox to osdMod-data.txt for WDTV. Creates a dataFiles folder in the input-folder with generated files. Just copy them to your film directory and have fun.

Wdtv-tagem - Tag 'em! - WDTV Live Hub meta data tagger for TV shows

As the WDTV Live Hub doesn't offer any good way to tag single episodes of TV shows, I wrote a perl script who does exactly that. I left all my code in one single script so you don't have to worry about modules. Nevertheless you'll need the following Perl modules from CPAN: IMDB::Film File::Basename Getopt::Long XML::Simple Please use the SVN repo to checkout the trunk. Tag 'em is really simple to use. You just point it to a directory where a season or a few episodes of the same show are located

umspx is UMSP extension

umspx is an extension for UMSP. 中文版 Featuresumspx is a upnp media server. umspx could stream many kinds of online media content to your TV youtube, picasa, apple-trailers, rss reader, netitv, qiyi, etc umspx could run under Windows, Linux, Mac OS and other OS which supports "Apache + PHP". Therefore, upnp devices (include wdtv) could play UMSP too, e.g.: PS3, XBOX. UMSP: UPnP Media Server based on PHP DonateIf you DO like this software, please donate to support me: Screen Shotsumspx on p81

WDTVHubGen - Adds Metadata, thumbnails and subtitles to WDTV Live Hubs

a batch processor for getting metadata and thumbs and subtitles for a wdtv live hub. processes both movies and tv shows, supports many languages and uses themoviedb.org and thetvdb.com and opensubtitles.org

Shunte-umsp-repo - Repository of "Experimental" UMSP Plug-Ins

Repository of "Experimental" UMSP Plug-Ins for WDLXTV homebrew firmware Plug-ins that require additional resources beyond those available to the WDTV implementation; examples are external proxies, physical devices etc... The project DOES NOT replace the standard UMSP repository

Movie-sleuth - Use this program to get meta data quickly and easily for your entire movie file colle

Movie SleuthThis Java app can lookup meta data from the TMDB.org website and save it. You provide a directory where all your movie files are and it will perform a search based on each movie file's name. i.e The Matrix.avi would return all meta data from TMDB.org relating to the movie "The Matrix". It displays all your looked up movies in a graphical wall-art styled display making it easy to find the movies that may need correction. All meta data is saved in the files respective folder as a singl

wdtvhelper - Downloads information for use with the WDTV Live Hub

Downloads information for use with the WDTV Live Hub

wdlxtv-G1 - WDLXTV – enhanced WDTV firmware

WDLXTV – enhanced WDTV firmware