Webbsyte Chat *nix/Windows

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Webbsyte Chat lets you keep in touch with people all around the world! We use the best encryption available! Noone can read what you type (except for the server and the client). We program in C and in Visual Basic.




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Tokp - Python based log parser, loot and attendance tracker for our WoW guild.

ToKP is/will be a collection of Python scripts for parsing WoW log files to create and maintain an attendance and loot record. Modulesraid_parser.py - Parses WoW's combat and chat logs to identify raids and epic loot received. csv2roster.py - Creates the roster.txt file from a CVS created using (some damn mod that I don't know the name of). This is an optional utility -- you can edit roster.txt by hand. armory2roster.py - Reads guild listing from the WoW armory to make the roster file. tokp.py -

wChat - a lightweight chat mod

a lightweight chat mod

wchat - A basic node.js + socket.io + express 3.0 mvc chat.

A basic node.js + socket.io + express 3.0 mvc chat.