WCF 4 Templates for Visual Studio 2010

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This project includes WCF 4 templates for Visual Studio 2010. All templates produce a customized WCF Service Application which is hosted in IIS 7 with bindings and behaviors configured for specific scenarios to help you get started.




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Loef (said "loaf") is a set of utility classes and T4 (.tt) templates to help with setting up a proper data access layer using Entity Framework v4. - Auto generation of DTO classes - Strongly typed eager fetching - Singleton instance of your ObjectContext ready for ASP.NET or WCF

WCF RIA Services Contrib

WCF RIA Services Contrib is a collection of tools for WCF RIA Services. Contributions are welcome.

Ironframework - dotnet4,wcf,ef4,entlib,aop

Iron Frameworkfocus on enterprise solution based on Microsoft .net Framework 4.0. Combine with ADO.Net Entity Framework 4.2 Enterprise Library 5.0 WCF 4.0 Asp.net MVC 3.0 implement Domain Driven Design(DDD),Layered architecture,Aspect-oriented programming(AOP) rapid development infrastructure. Technical features: � Asp.net MVC 3.0 Razor engine � Dependency injection with Asp.net MVC 3.0 � Asp.net Web Form 4.0 strongly typed data binding model Custom paging data server control Hierarchical

RESTful RIA Templates

RESTful RIA Templates is a small library of T4 code generation templates that make it easy to create RESTful WCF web services as well as consuming jQuery and Silverlight client proxies using JSON and XML respectively.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Query - T4 Template

In short, this project provides a LINQ style data access solution for Microsoft CRM 4.0. It provides a T4 Template that generates code leveraging LINQ to SQL and the MS-CRM 4.0 API to give a MS-CRM CRUD data access solution. Special Support for WCF RIA Services is also provided

Cloudbuddy - CloudBuddy is a free bucket explorer platform for Amazon S3. It is developed using .NET

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Astoria Contrib

A contrib project for filling the gaps in WCF Data Services, providing missing functionality or augmenting with T4 templates, helpers, etc.

wcf-phpclient-t4 - T4 template generating PHP classes for Service- and DataContracts

T4 template generating PHP classes for Service- and DataContracts