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Related Projects

Geo-tag-images - Easily add GPS tags to JPEG images from GPS tracking device data

GeoTagImagesVB.Net 2010 Express application by Martin Liebmann Add GPS tags to JPEG images from GPS tracking device data ... Drag & Drop an image folder to GeoTagImages desktop shortcut will read all JPEG image properties of this folder automatically download the current GPS data (if the GPS device had been plugged in before) compute the GPS locations of each image from the nearest GPS trackpoints if OK, write GPS tags to each image by one click only. GPS devices supportedWINTEC WBT202 GARMIN GP

Wombatdevelopmentframework - WBT Development Framework

All inclusive WBT development application including LMS Player, debugging, html5 compatibility, scorm 2004 compliant. python + wxpython + sqlite to provide a cross platform solution. Also build a sync tool for mutiple user server based environments...

Braintrain - A simple and easy to use web based training application.

BrainTrain is a simple online training and teaching tool. Using BrainTrain an instructor may design and publish a set of slides using a variety of wysiwyg tools. These slides are organized into chains, which defines how the end user navigates the training. Slides (currently) consist of either html or scorable test/quizes. The project is much like a mini-CMS, but with much more directed structure and feature set focusing on web based training. BrainTrain is a JEE application utilizing a stack of

ipov-wbt - iPOV.net WBT package

iPOV.net WBT package


This is a collection of plugins used for developing web sites using the Jekyll gem.