package_control - The Sublime Text package manager

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The Sublime Text package manager



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The default channel file for the Sublime Package Control package manager. Fork, add your repository and send a pull request.


A full-featured package manager for Sublime Text 2


The easiest way to install this is with [Package Control](\_packages/package\_control).* Make sure you've restarted Sublime if you've just installed Package Control.* Bring up the Command Palette (`Cmd+Shift+P` on OS X, `Ctrl+Shift+P` on Linux & Windows).* Select `Package Control: Install Package` (it will take a few seconds to load).* Select `AndroidImport` when the list appears.Package Control will automatically keep the plugin up to date with the latest version.Usage--

SublimeAndroidSnippets - Snippets to help out with Android

- `ad-logdebug` Debug log with a message - `ad-widget` The basics needed to get started with creating a custom widget - `ad-toast` Create and display a toast - `<TextView` A basic TextView - `<EditText` A basic EditText - `ad-assertOnScreen` Check that a view on on the screen - `ad-onActivityResult` The onActivityResult activity method - `ad-onCreate` The onCreate activity method - `ad-onDestroy` The onDestroy activity method - `ad-onPause` The onPause activity method - `ad-onResume` The onRes

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