Non-Profit Organization Member/Donor/Charity/Event Tracking Database

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Microsoft Access 2003 database designed for a non-profit organization to keep track of it's members, donors, charities, and events.



Related Projects

Lleeci - CMS modues and plugins usining AJAX and jquery.

Support for open source noncommerical NPO educational projects. see

Opennpo - Open Source Enterprise Software for Non-Profit Organizations

The goal of is to provide Non-Profit Organizations with Open Source Solutions tailored to the specific needs of NPOs. This is accomplished in two ways. One, by providing reference material on how existing Open Source Software can be leveraged in an NPO. Secondly, by providing new Open Source software where there is not an adequate existing solution.

Sylvanus - A web-based client managment system for non-profits.

Sylvanus is our second CMS system. Our first was built in PHP for a specific organization. Now we're moving it to Ruby on Rails, generalizing it, and opening it up so that other NPOs can make use of it.

Npexchange - Non-Profit Exchange is a social and resource network geared towards the benefit of NPOs

This project holds the code for the website found at Its a resource network in the sense that users are able to upload items for donation and NPOs are able to search through our databases for items they may want. Its a social network because NPOs get web presence through our profile system for them.

ZZR-Chinese donation management system

ZZR is abbr. of Chinese word quot;ZiZhuRenquot;,means Donators.This program manages donations online,is developed for small NPO dedicated to help underprivilege students in remote rural area of China) and also useful for other chinese charities.

Spm-net-br - SPM - Social Program Manager

A software project to manage information for non-profitable organizations and their social initiatives or programs. SPM concept is to keep information related to the actions of non-profitable organizations, in order to improve management by providing quick access to general information, to statistics reports and keep the organization in accordance to the legal subjects of the social programs that it's engaged to. Using SPM, a non-profitable organization can manage their information about actions

Promise - a tool for making and keeping promises

Open social gadget for making promises and donating $ to a NPO of your choice if the promise is not made