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Ways99 is a project of projects. It acts as the mother for our(Mir Nazim(me) and my buddy geeks) open source projects. Currently, we are planning some kind of cool PIM tool with some new twists thrown in in.




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Python-browsercontrol - Remote Control Browsers for Screen Capture etc

What is itRemotely control a browser from Python. (Right now, Firefox.) MotivationI've always wanted to be able to remotely control a web browser to go to various locations. Selenium partially does this. Though it suffers from a few problems in my mind: It doesn't render the browser window in a way useful to previewing (i.e. it's designed to show you the log etc). It doesn't operate well when browsing to various domains beyond what you control. It's gigantic and difficult to do the simple things

Easy Pro*C DAO Lib

Easy Pro*C Lib was written in C99 and built with gcc 3.4+. It is platform independent and supports fastlogging mechanism, especially it provides a very easy way to generate high performance DAO.

Rolling-curl - A more efficient multi-curl library for PHP (non-blocking)

A more efficient implementation of curl_multi() curl_multi is a great way to process multiple HTTP requests in parallel in PHP. curl_multi is particularly handy when working with large data sets (like fetching thousands of RSS feeds at one time). Unfortunately there is very little documentation on the best way to implement curl_multi. As a result, most of the examples around the web are either inefficient or fail entirely when asked to handle more than a few hundred requests. The problem is that

Instrus99 - Multi Tier ASP.NET Web Application in ALT.NET way

This is a Multi Tier ASP.NET Web Application created by following the best design principles using enterprise class open source frameworks and libraries. This is the result of my recent experience in creating a Enterprise class ASP.NET web application for a well known company in the Globe using Nhibernate, Spring.Net, NVelocity, Cruise Control.Net, Subversion SVN, AnkhSvn, YUI Library, JQuery etc.

pholow PHP framework to be compiled with roadsend PCC

Pholow PHP FrameworkPolow is a PHP framework designed to be compiled with Roadsend PCC compiler. \t It can't operate with Zend Engine, Pholow is specially developped to be used with PCC. The main goal is to give an easy way to develop microservers and fastCGI binaries. Pholow is based on Copix Framework ideas but is not compatible. If you prefer to use Zend Engine system (as 99% of PHP projects) take a look at http://www.copix.org Compiled ? you said "compiled" ?Yes, compiled as binary ! Compila

Jseasycharts - Easy to use JavaScript wrapper for Google Charts

The Google Charts API is an excellent way to put charts onto your page - they are PNG images, so do not require any specific plugin or latest browser. However, the interface is a URL, so it can be hard to build the querystring to make a chart. jsEasyCharts is a javascript wrapper that allows you to easily place a Google Chart onto your page and access it via a simple API. jsEasyCharts is also: Easy to use - make a chart with just two lines of javascript. Total file size < 6kb. Flexible - Can be

Fireoff - Juego de acción 3D

Fire Off is an action game. It is basically a "3D shooter" in which the player sees a map from above (top-down) and controls a character who is charged with shooting everything. The character has a large number of weapons: Guns, missiles, machine guns, and so on, and must be going through some ground to meet the different missions, including rescuing someone, or destroy any artifact or anything typical of the Rambo-style movies. The game definitely has a good deal of action and therefore require

Flulet - iPhonify bookmarklet for iPhone

Flulet = flux (=feed in French) + bookmarklet Flulet opens the feed of the page you are reading, so you can read the content with all the comfort provided by the iPhone embedded reader. Flulet is the most efficient way to read feeds, there's only two steps enter any URL into Safari's address bar (or just decide the active page is worth reading) choose Flulet bookmark Boom! the feeds open in the .Mac Reader You can, if you wish, bookmark this new location, so next time, there will be just on step

Javaonhorse - Java On Horse (Java version of Ruby on Rails)

This project intend to bring the best practice of Ruby on Rails to Java/J2EE world, make the J2EE web development easier, simpler, and more productivity. G O A L S Easier Java web development, 99% like the rails way Get the benefits of IDE support Database migration support Various scripts supporting even develop without an IDE Very good performance. Enterprise technologies integration: Mail, LDAP, Background Job, Webservice... Testing support You might interested on WhyJavaOnHorse

Jalisq - Java Language integrated and type safe SQL querying

jaLISQJava language integrated and type safe SQL queryingjaLISQ offers type-safe and language integrated SQL querying for the Java programming language. If you want to help out and know SQL and/or Java and/or Eclipse plugin development please don't hesitate to drop me a line at wwechsung (at) web.de. jaLISQ uses JDBC metadata to generate Java representations of SQL. As regards typesafety this enables programs using jaLISQ to bind to the data layer at the earliest possible time. jaLISQ project go