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WAX is a web framework to ease the creation of cross-browser, advanced web applications.




Related Projects


Wax is a framework that lets you write native iPhone apps in Lua.

Webwax - Ruby web application framework

Wax is an object-based application development framework for developing business database applications.

Waxphp - Wax PHP Framework

Evolved from the WISP PHP Framework Core (development now discontinued and moved to this project) - it is designed as a rapid prototyping PHP framework that does not require all the hassles of a traditional PHP MVC framework. Wax involves no command-line interaction and uses a control library to build websites. Wax is made possible through the Rensselaer Center for Open Source Software and through the generosity of Mr. Sean O'Sullivan. Getting StartedTake a look at the GettingStarted documentati

Php-coredci - DCI Implementation for PHP

CoreDCI provides the underlying DCI functionality for the WaxPHP framework. DCI stands for Data,Context, and Interaction. It was conceived by Trygve Reenskaug and Jim Coplien as a means for separating the application logic from domain logic (ie: what the objects ARE from what the objects DO). It allows for a more organized runtime object network that can yield a far more flexible application. CoreDCI is designed as a PHP implementation of the DCI paradigm. It provides the 3 objects necessary to

wildfire - Wilfire CMS - Plugin for the PHP-Wax Framework

Wilfire CMS - Plugin for the PHP-Wax Framework


a Lua port of the Crafty.js framework for use with Wax

CoreyJohnsonWax - A Corey Johnsons Wax framework with modification for Gideros Mobile SDK

A Corey Johnsons Wax framework with modification for Gideros Mobile SDK


Candle is code generator for wax framework which writes iOS application in lua, it contains xcode 4 template generators