Wav2MP3 Wizard

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Wav2MP3 Wizard is a simple solution for everyday audio encoding/decoding. It supports WAV, MP3, OGG and FLAC files, and has straightforward interface. Easy for the new ones to learn (comes with preset profiles) and with enough features for the advanced.




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Batch Audio Convert

Command-line mass conversion of any directory tree of audio files.

Rox-ripper - A CD to MP3/OGG Ripper/Encoder for the ROX Desktop

FeaturesCDDB access Editable track, title, genre, etc., even after CDDB fetching. Simultaneous Rip and Encode Uses cdda2wav and lame/oggenc to do the dirty work. Releases007 (24-Oct-2006) Rewrite options and processors to allow other rip/encoders to be used (other than cdda2wav, lame and oggenc) Add options to keep WAV files and not Encode (suggested by Jonatan Liljedahl) Add Album Cover art support (based on idea and code from Stephen Watson) Change UI to use Progress bars in status area (requi


bbc2mp3 is a simple tool for saving BBC ``Listen Again'' programmes as MP3 files. It can be run either as a command line programme or a simple GUI. It works by saving an audio stream as a wav file (using mplayer) and converting this to mp3 (using lame)

Reflacer - Utility for working with your FLAC library

Based on configuration file or command line parameters, offers the following functionality: Encode - The program looks for .WAV files and will encode them using .FLAC Decode - The program looks for .FLAC files and will decode them to .WAV MP3 - The program looks for .FLAC files, intermediately decodes them to .WAV, then uses lame to encode the .WAV to .MP3 and removes the .WAV file ReFLAC - The program looks for .FLAC files and re-encodes them to .FLAC Test - The program looks for .FLAC and test

Amiga-music-mod-unexotica - download all amiga music mod from Unexotica

This small bash script download all amiga music mod found in Unexotica's ftp server. Next it create the listing of music sort by Author. The size of files is near of 3 Go. Files downloaded can be extract with lha project hosted here : http://sourceforge.jp/projects/lha to extract lha file: $ lha e YOUR_LHA_FILEYou can listen mod with uade123 project hosted here : http://zakalwe.fi/uade/download.html to listen mod file $ uade123 <YOUR_MOD_TO_LISTEN>convert mod to wav $ uade123 -c <YOUR_MOD_TO_LIS

Mareo - MAREO: Multiple Applications Runner for EAC and Others

MAREO, spanish for ‘dizziness’, is a special program for CD rippers and other audio compression frontends that has the ability to execute multiple encoders for each track ripped, allowing to encode to multiple audio formats at the same time.It can be used to rip to FLAC (for archival) and MP3 (for MP3 Player use) at once, or to WavPack and Ogg Vorbis, or to Monkey’s Audio and AAC, etc.Once properly configured, MAREO is called from the frontend software (be it EAC or Others), as if it where

wav2mp3 - ?????? ??????????????? wav ? mp3 (?? ???? lame mp3 encoder)

?????? ??????????????? wav ? mp3 (?? ???? lame mp3 encoder)


A simple audio conversion wrapper for converting audio input (WAV, MPEG-4, FLAC) to MPEG-3 audio files, using faad, flac, and lame.