WatTVDb Library for TVDb API

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.NET Library for use with the XML API available from TheTVDB.com




Related Projects


A small Qt-based C++ library which allows to fetch TV series information from thetvdb.com.

Showmaster3000 - php script to load, parse, store and browse show information from thetvdb.com

a php based website to load and store tv show information of your favourite shows. The information will be provided by thetvdb.com. It was created to be used on localhost, usage on a public webspace is at your own risk.

Extjsmoviedb - Local Movie Database and Referencing

Web interface (extjs) used for cleaning filenames, grabbing descriptions et pictures from xml web db (thetvdb, moviedb, ...)

Ruby-tvrenamer - A ruby script that renames and organizes TV episodes from TheTVDB

This script renames TV episode files according to the information found on TheTVDB. Features: Show caching Episode caching Rename caching Custom naming format Upcoming features: Interactive renaming Aliasing of shows automatically Moving of files into a folder hierarchy

Javatvdbapi - An API written in Java to access TheTVDB.com

An API written in Java to access TheTVDB.com Used by: YAMJ WDFlow

Grawler - Generating an HTML jukebox for your media library made easy.

Grawler is a Windows client application that crawls your media library for TV shows and movies and outputs the results into a dynamic webpage for viewing on the Popcorn Hour networked media tank. It will analyze your media files and retrieve appropriate information from several databases such as IMDb, TheMovieDB and TheTVDB. It also supports skinning of the resulting webpages.

Fill-mythvideo-metadata - A perl script for MythVideo to fill the database with information about th

Since the MythVideo does not retrieve meta data or cover for the video files, I had to do it myself. This requires a script which will go over the files, and look them up in the Internet (IMDB, THETVDB.COM, TV.COM, etc), and fill the MythVideo database with the data. I look for a long time for something that will do it, but found nothing. So I wrote a script myself... The script will go over all the files in your MythVideo folders, and for any file without meta-data it will parse the video files

Easytvdb - A simple yet powerful library implementation for TheTVDB database, written in python

DescriptionAll the other libraries using TheTVDB database didn't fit my needs, so i wrote my own library. All is based upon keeping it simple. The library uses an implementation based on dictionaries, so it's very easy to get the informations from it. Informations contained in the dictionariesTV Series informations Episodes (with thumbnails) Actors informations (with thumbnails) Banners Fanart Special features implementedCaching (if you ask twice for the same series, it doesn't need to fetch the

Tvdblib - .Net library for the popular tv database http://thetvdb.com

tvdblib is a library written in c# .net which allows pulling information through the api provided at http://thetvdb.com . To demonstrate the features and usage of the library, the program TvBrowser allows you to browse through the shows available on thetvdb and watch all available content. The features covered by the library at the moment are: series information episode information caching of downloaded data save to xml files save to serialized files updating of cached data banners (including th