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WatiN (pronounced quot;what-inquot;) aims to bring you an easy way to automate Web Application Testing in .Net. Inspired by Watir, WatiN has grown into a feature rich and stable framework, offering automation of Internet Explorer and Firefox.




Related Projects

Test Recorder

Application to record tests for Celerity, SODA, WatiR, and WatiN. Tests can be saved and compiled into an executable or assembly.

WatiN Extensions

WatiN extensions with support for NUnit, MSTest and xUnit Testing Frameworks

Qasl - QASL - An Automated Quality Assurance Scripting Language

QASL (QA Automated Scripting Language) is a web application testing language that was developed to allow testers to rapidly write automated tests, even if they were not experienced programmers. It is a wrapper for the WATiN (Web Application Testing in .Net) framework.

Robotframework-watinlibrary - WatiN library for Robot Framework for web application testing

OverviewWatinLibrary is a Robot Framework (remote) test library that uses the popular WatiN web application testing tool/framework internally. It provides a powerful combination of simple test data syntax and support for multiple browsers, though primarily targeting Internet Explorer. This library also provides an alternative to the SeleniumLibrary for Robot Framework, for those who prefer or need to use WatiN. In fact, the initial release is targeted for providing as much of a matching set of k


Wax allows users to create automated WatiN tests using Microsoft Excel

Open Faq

OpenFaq is a FAQ component written using MVC 4.0 and EF 4.0 Code first. It is a training project to try out various new .NET technologies. It follows various methodologies like SOLID, YAGNI and KISS. It is being written using TDD and BDD techniques.

Watin - TestEasy

WatiN - TestEasy is the idea to make WatiN based test generation and excution easier. Mainly it will provide interface to data driven automation using WatiN.

Xmlwatir - XML Definition of Watin Test Scenarios

C# library that allows the definition and modification of Watin test scenarios in XML for easy maintenance. It also includes a recorder