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This toolkit will provide seemless backend support for multiple Firewall and IDS systems deployment. The initial release will only support Snort and FreeBSD\\\'s ipfw, but future releases will expand the firewall selection. The main code is Python,



Related Projects

Javadrone - AR.Drone Java API

Java API and demo programs to control Parrot's AR.Drone. The goal of the project to have Java API (without using native code) to control AR.Drone. This project does not user Parrot's SDK, but rather implement networking protocols directly in Java. The code supposed to be cross-platform. We use MacOS X and Linux for development. The demo program is using GameController. You can watch a small video of how it works. The project also includes drone navigation program, written in Java: ControlTower.

Kinetic - 3D physics-based tower destruction game

Demolish block-towers by throwing objects at them. Inspired by videos from phymec on youtube: GameDestroy the block tower by hitting its blocks with bullet blocks. Some blocks in the tower require multiple hits to dislodge ControlsUse [A] and [D] to move camera right/left around center, respectively. Use [W] and [S] to move camera forward/back. Use [X] to fire a block at the structure. Created by Kenneth, Ryan, Jeff, and Oytun

Gwt-hanoi-countdown - Last call for Google I/O submission

My GWT entry into the Last Call for Google I/O contest. It's a countdown timer using the Towers of Hanoi game as a visualization. When all disks have been stacked on the rightmost peg the countdown has completed! Video of it in action: Hosted version:

WatchTower - A sample application created to test, explore and demonstrate the Proximity Beacon API

A sample application created to test, explore and demonstrate the Proximity Beacon API

Ld48jovoc - A collection of all my games made for LudumDare contests.

IntroductionThis is a collection of all my games made for the LudumDare 48 hour game programming contest, and similar contests like Speedhack and TINS. These games are mostly pretty rough but some are already quite fun. List of Games(bolded entries are the ones in this package) LD22: Aloneasaurus Rex LD21: Escape -- No Entry LD20: It's Dangerous to go alone -- Take This LD19: Discovery -- Planet Thing LD18: Enemies as Weapons -- Iron Reflex LD17: Islands -- Crater Galapagos LD16: Exploration --

Nubletsupreme - SC:FA minimods

Small gameplay, utility, and development support mods for SC:FA, SC2, and Demigod. Supreme Commander 2SC2: Mod Support MinimodDownload Version 7 Allows any number of mods to co-exist by enabling non-destructive hooking of original game files. Supports campaign mods. Requires the DLC for skirmish/multiplayer mods, although campaign mods will work without the DLC. See the thread on the GPG forums for more information. SC2: Campaign Research UnlockDownload Unlocks all non-objective research in the


Protótipo do Projeto WatchTower. Um timesheet para usar no trabalho.


WatchTower helps you track how much time you spend on all of your projects, at the project, directory, and file level.


Rack Middleware for multi app authentication - All along the watchtower - 'there must be some kinda way outa here said the joker to the thief'


Coding4fun node.js application to monitor aws, heroku and trigger a simple REST-API call, send an email or perform similar notification actions