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WARTS is a pure Java database utility that can perform character-encoding aware data synchronization. It was developed to correctly transfer non-ascii characters in an Oracle database that used ascii encoding to a UTF-8 Oracle instance.




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Httpy - middleware to smooth over WSGI's most glaring warts.

httpy is middleware to smooth over WSGI's most glaring warts. It barely hides start_response/return <iterable> under a Response object. WSGI is a low-level web programming standard for Python.

Unsuck - Helping the Java API suck less

This is a simple "kitchen sink" java library that tries to file off some of the many warts of the JDK. It works around checked exceptions, clunky IO classes, missing converters, etc. Some classes rely on other libraries; these are documented in the class documentation. There will not be proper releases of this code but it builds simply with ant. Also, all APIs are subject to change. Use at your own risk.

Spaph - Spaph - Simple PHP Phramework

This is a PHP framework for building web applications. It's basically a front controller, dispatching requests to the appropriate controller via requests like ?do=object.method; It also has a plugin manager to inject pre and post functions, a view renderer, and a few peripheral utility classes like Spaph_Config and Spaph_Request. Spaph is currently being used in the wild. The main code base has started to fossilize, which is a good sign. There are a number of quirks and ugly warts, but what's co

Simal - Tools for building a project catalogue

Simal is a set of open source tools for building project catalogues from RDF/XML files. Simal also provides a web application for the creation and management of RDF/XML project descriptors and catalogues built from them. The mission of the Simal project is to create a software framework for the collection and management of essential details about open development projects. Using this data it will be possible to create a picture of development projects and communities, that allows for all increas

Rs22812 - Python interface to Radio Shack 22-812 digital multimeter with serial port

Note: I don't use this meter or software anymore, but other people apparently still do. Please see the update notes at the bottom of this page. If you want to monitor a measured electrical parameter (voltage, current, resistance, etc.) over a period of time, this python program can talk to a Radio Shack 22-812 digital multimeter over the serial port and print out its readings. Besides needing the multimeter and a serial cable to connect to the meter, you'll need to download the PySerial module:

Udmx - USB-DMX Interface

uDMX is built around a ATMEL ATMega8 microcontroller, very few external parts are used, thanks to Objective Developments firmware only usb driver. There's an external object for Max/MSP and puredata that interfaces directly to the uDMX. Features fits in your pocket bus powered - no need for a wall-wart can send DMX packets of arbitrary size from 1 to 512 channels. Only got 12 dimmers ? Don’t waste time sending 500 additional zeros 200 times a second… command line tool external for Max/MSP an

Xstar - A communications protocol for amateur radio inspired by D-Star

An implementation of a digital communications protocol inspired by JARL's D-Star. D-Star is a communications protocol for digital data transfer, messaging and and voice communications. Except for the voice protocol, which is based on the proprietary AMBE protocol, all elements of the protocol is open. X-star attempts to replicate all of D-star, except the voice protocol, but instead use the free XXX codec. The code in this project use the Universal Software Radio Periphial (USRP) and GNU radio f

Code-scrap-pile - Bits-and-pieces, dribs-and-drabs of code

So much of the code I write is either for education, curiosity, or pure experimentation, I figured it would be good to release some of it into the public domain, in hopes that it might be helpful to others. What is here then is an ever-growing ad hoc compilation of program languages, code fragments, and projects. It is all being offered GNU, no warranty, etc., good or bad, working or not, warts and all. If you do end up using any of it in a project please credit me where appropriate. But more im

Gfs-server - GFS Server - open source socket server for Flash, FlashBuilder and Flex clients

Update July 2010I have updated the project file to use Netbeans 6.9. In addition I have added a new data manager interface to the project so new backing stores can be added but require the minimum functionality already in the MySQL Data Manager provided in the source code. Due to many requests I've now added the source code to the GFSClient.swc. Its a mess and needs some cleaning and refactoring but here it is anyway. Update May 2010I have updated the project file to use Netbeans 6.8 as well as

Osxwinebuilder - Build scripts for Wine (and prerequisites) for Mac OS X hosts

osxwinebuilderosxwinebuilderPurposeCaveatsRequirementsReleasesGetting the build script sourceUpdating the build script sourceBuilding Wine via the scriptRunning WineVerificationReporting bugsLicenseOther softwareLinks PurposeThe goal of this project is to provide easy-to-use scripts for cleanly building and installing Wine and its prerequisite software into a self-contained directory hierarchy on Mac OS X. All building and installation takes place in the user's home directory. The installation i