Warring States

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Warring States is a 3-D multiplayer real time strategy game written in C++. The engine is designed to be flexible and allow configuration of game rules. The project started as part of a final year university project.




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weewar-monitor stays in system tray and periodically checks state of ongoing games on WeeWar server. If a game requires attention from player, it displays a notification pop-up.

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Risiko-ww3 - Risiko World War 3

This game will become a clone of the famous Risko II strategy game. The idea of the game is, that you can play every map that you want, if you have that map as an normal .gif image. With the help of the MapEditor, you can make your own maps (sure it's an annoying job to pixel such a map, but its possible for everyone). In future, there will be a few mods working with maps like the World of Warcraft map, so you have the WoW map, the units and a much more WoW-like ingame menue. I hope we could get