Why Another RSS Reader

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WARR is a VB written RSS reader designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use. It can store and manage RSS feeds, set rules for processing old headlines and allow the construction of powerful searches. It also demonstrates Microsoft technologies.




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Autoevony-reporter - AER a clone ... focus on reporting

AER clone ... focus on reporting Added auto farming of npc 10's for right now the troops are hardcoded config farm10:1 for a:92000,s:6000,t:2000 or config farm10:2 for a:91000,warr:1000,s:6000,t:2000 or config farm10:3 for a:92400,warr:1200,s:3000,t:2000,worker:1400 and the herolevel used is config npc10hero:200 says u need a 200 attack hero to farm 10's hero with attack under under 100 it's not even going to let you try

Tp-smapi-dkms-module - Use DKMS build modules to protect your Harddisk in your Thinkpad

With this deb file you can easily install the tp_smapi module with DKMS and don't need to rebuild it with every new Kernel release. With hdaps and tp_smapi you can successfully save your hard disk by parking the heads on sudden movement. This package was tested on Ubuntu 9.04 with a Thinkpad T400 For HowTo see: http://code.google.com/p/tp-smapi-dkms-module/wiki/Install I give no warranty and the software is delivered "as it is". It works on my machine. This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARR