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A tool to aid in the construction of armies for Privateer Press' WARMACHINE.




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Towel - Common Swing & Utilities classes.

This project was migrated to github, together with some others projects of my authority. And now it can be found under the new site: https://github.com/MarkyVasconcelos/Towel The download page is: https://github.com/MarkyVasconcelos/Towel/downloads Towel, is a project to easy some common tasks for Swing developers, such as: Models for Components, JTable related decorators, Component binder for Forms, a new and interesting ActionManager. For more, see the wiki page:Introduction This is the old Ma

Antville - Weblog hosting software written in JavaScript

Welcome to the Antville ProjectAntville is a high performance, full featured weblog hosting software based on Helma Object Publisher, an open source web application server entirely written in Java. Antville itself is written in JavaScript and scales very well up to several thousands of weblogs. It is very easy to use while offering a lot of advanced features that make it even capable of hosting other types of websites. Activity Log27 June 2011 Release packages of version 1.3 of Antville and AntC

Britwear - Quality (clothes) Shopping

Visit britwear.co.uk for quality clothing !100% British thermals brushed with Viscose for warmth | Thermals are better than M&S (WH?CH magazine October) Bedding Pure Brilliance Baseball caps - NY - Kids character caps Socks - 100% cotton - Non-elastic - Simpsons Lingerie, Briefs, Underwear Hats gloves and scarves [MENS, LADIES, KIDS]

autobundle - RubyGems plugin to bundle up in the warmth of the nearest Gemfile

RubyGems plugin to bundle up in the warmth of the nearest Gemfile

Volatile_Warmth - in-memory key-value store (like memcached)

in-memory key-value store (like memcached)