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WarmMeUp is the first SharePoint 2013 (compatible 2010) warm Up tool designed for large SharePoint farms (warming on every server of the farm)




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SharePoint 2010 Search Results Customization

By using this XSLT code, You can customize the SharePoint 2010 Search results from regular format to Tabular format.

SPSD SharePoint Solution Deployer

Highly configurable but easy to use PowerShell script to deploy solutions to SharePoint 2010/2013. Performs also prerequisite checks and post-deployment actions


AutoSPSourceBuilder: a utility for building a SharePoint 2010 / 2013 install source including prerequisites, service packs, language packs & cumulative updates.

SharePoint Code Snippets by Tobias Lekman

Contains various classes, templates, components, solutions and other resources used within SharePoint development.

SharePoint Search XSL Samples

This project is a place to share examples of XSL that can be applied to SharePoint search web parts. Products include SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Microsoft Search Server 2008, and Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express.


KAV check is a milter filter for sendmail for check incoming mail for viruses using Kaspersky Lab Antivirus daemon. It writen in C using milter API. It works well in Linux and must work in any other system where KAV daemon and sendmail is.

Tosla - PC clone of an iphone application: "Traffic rush"

AçıklamaTosla, Python ve Pygame kütüphanelerini kullanarak yazdığım kavşakta akışı düzenleme oyunudur. Pardus ve Windows işletim sistemlerini destekler. Pardus dostudur. Pardus kullanıcılarına hoş bir hediyede bünyesinde barındırır. Çoklu dil desteğiyle gelir: Türkçe,Azerice,İngilizce,Almanca,Hollandaca,Fransızca,İspanyolca,Farsice,Endonezyaca,Lehçe,Rumence,Rusça. IntroductionThis game is coded by the help of Python and Pygame. It supports both Pardus (Linux distro)

SharePoint URL Shortener

This SharePoint feature allows end-users to generate shortened URLs against SharePoint content that can be used in documents, emails, navigation links, etc.