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War3Share is a replay parser for Warcraft3.




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Swarmedq3 - A mod for Quake III Arena

IntroductionSwarmed Quake 3 is a mod that pits you and up to three of your friends in a fight against waves of incoming enemies. These enemies are all AI controlled bots which you have to frag to progress to the next round. Each consecutive round is harder than the previous. Passing all the rounds resets you to the first round but at a higher difficulty level. Swarmed Quake 3 takes many gameplay cues from Gears of War 2's Horde mode but strays far from it when it comes to pacing and tactics. Goa

Sibutu - Lightweight portal/portlet-2.0 java framework for creating multi-language and multi-site ap

OverviewSibutu is an open-source light-weight alternative to a portal/portlet container for creating extensible, robust, reusable Java web applications with multi-language and hierarchical multi-site support. The framework has modular structure and uses open-source components (Hibernate 3, Spring, Acegi, Tiles 2, Spring Web Flow and Quartz). Sibutu supports a limited set of portlet capabilities and ability to plug in a different MVC framework for each module (e.g. Struts2 or Tapestry). Each modu

Shearlock - shEARlock - a Open Source Java EE 5 powered issue tracker

IntroductionshEARlock is a issue tracker, similar in main concept with many applications, for example Mozilla Bugzilla, or Atlassian JIRA. GoalsThe goals of the project are special among other issue tracker software: Create issue system aimed mainly for Java Enterprise development, Deliver the application in one EAR, easily deployable on every Java EE 5 certified application server, Promote convention over configuration, Stick only to Java EE 5 specification. ImplementationThe goals will be arch

Ikube - A high volume search application in Java

Ikube Hello, And thank you for the interest in Ikube! Quick start: Download the zip here Copy the war to the webapps directory of Tomcat Copy the 'ikube' configuration folder(in the zip) to the bin directory of Tomcat Change the name of the war to ikube.war Start Tomcat Have a cup of coffee, then go to monitoring Some news, the history of the WikiPedia is in the process of being unpacked and indexed, the expected volume is 500 000 000 documents. The hardware is three Dell rack servers and 10 ter

Snappy-java - Snappy for Java, a fast compressor/decompresser

The snappy-java is a Java port of the snappy, a fast compresser/decompresser written in C++, originally developed by Google. FeaturesApache Licence Version 2.0. Free for both commercial and non-commercial use. Fast compression/decompression tailored to 64-bit CPU architecture. JNI-based implementation to achieve comparable performance to the native C++ version. Traditional JNI-based libraries cannot be included in web containers (e.g., war files in Tomcat), but snappy-java has no such a problem

Juls - gems-juls-sampler

Java on Gems sample application (Juls) README file1. INTRODUCTIONJava on Gems (hereafter refererred to as Gems) is a framework extension forthe Google Widget Toolkit (GWT). This framework provides the key scaffoldings toprovide a methodical approach to accelerate the development of GWT applications.However, learning how to use a framework via documentation is a painful andhighly unproductive exercise. The purpose of the Juls sub-project is to giveyou context on how to build applications using Ge

Mdxm3 - a few starcraft2 models converted to war3 format

i took a few on the starcraft 2 m3 models and converted them into warcrft 3's mdx format the models are blizzard's, if you make a map with any of thease models you cannot share your map online!

As3bots - ActionScript 3 meets Robot Wars

ActionScript 3 meets Robot WarsCreate virtual robots in ActionScript and watch them battle it out in a Flash environment. This is a shared project, where anyone can contribute ideas and/or code. A FlashBrighton Project CreditsJoe Chung http://joechung.me.uk/ Neil Manuell http://revisual.co.uk/ Owen Bennett http://steamshift.net/ Jaime Domínguez http://www.jaimedominguez.com/ Paul Hayes

Lynnmh - lynn's source code sharing place! lynn放置开�代�之地�

Project listManabars: svn checkout http://lynnmh.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/manabars lynnmh-read-only War3 ShowBlood and KeyTool: svn checkout http://lynnmh.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/SB lynnmh-read-only

Jnibwapi - JNI interface for BWAPI

JNI-BWAPIBuild a StarCraft AI in Java! Updates7-11-11: Now compatible with BWAPI 3.6 OverviewThis project provides a JNI interface for the Brood War API using the shared memory bridge. Compatible with BWAPI 3.6 and available under the LGPL. This project provides a Java interface for developers interested in participating in the StarCraft AI Competition. The JNI interface provides several advantages over the previous socket-based ProxyBot interface. First, the interface uses the BWAPI shared memo