War 3D

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WAR 3D is a strategy game, miltiplataform, already for Windows/Linux, similar to Age of Empires or Star Craft. War 3D is written in C++, usin the libraries of OpenGL and Glut.




Related Projects

Forever War

Forever War will be a 3D first person shooter with NetHack-like gameplay and fully destructible environments based on the PolyVox technology ( http://www.thermite3d.org ). A tech demo is available now.

Dstar space wars game

A 1986 classic returns. Originally written for Sun workstations, dstar is a simple 3-d multiplayer first-person-shooter space wars game that runs over the local network. Now, it's been ported to OpenGL/Linux.

Infinitewars - A space-shooting game with realtime-strategy elements.

Infinite Wars is a team-based 3D space-shooting game. It is written in Java using the jMonkeyEngine.

Nspengine - NSP Engine - 3d adventure/rpg engine

This is a project to create a game engine, with capabilities eventually approaching that of commercial third-person RPG engines such as those used by Jade Empire and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It uses python, soya, and xml to create the game world.

Medievalwars - Tribelwars clone in 3D

Medieval WarsIt's a game where you create a town, ally with others, attack other players and become the most powerfull. Created with the AirCrash Game Engine: http://acgameengine.googlecode.com/

Goonielagsploit - Goonie Lagsploit 2D

This is a short python game designed to poke fun at the political situation in the MMORPG EVE-ONLINE and the "War for new eden". The music is by "Robotnik" and is under the GPL as well (I believe the GPL is a perfectly adequate music licence imho). Thanks to the goons for the crayon drawings of spaceships. I'll upgrade the licence to GPL 3.0 when google code supports it.


A 3D multiplayer game. It simulates an war between two teams, and the gameplay is similar to the famous game Worms.

Birdsofwar1946 - Birds of War

PROGRAM DEVLOPMENT: ONGOING Welcome to the development home of Birds of War: 1946, provided kindly by Google. The programmer is was born in '87 and living in Ontario, Canada. over a week I am happy to release the first version of Birds of War: 1946. The game is by no means done, but the engine is pretty much there. (Please note that some of the artwork used for this game are the work of Ari Feldman, used under the CPL license. Thanks Ari! If you have any suggestions at all for new features, chan

Temporal-Wars XNA Indie Game Engine

Temporal Wars 3D Engine includes a full suite of WYSIWG tools designed for rapid creation of your game world. Created for myself (Ben), now available for FREE.