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Warnet is a replacement server daemon for bnetd, or PvPGN, in the case that you do not want to offer gaming, but instead emulate a battle.net channel environment for your users.




Related Projects

Forever War

Forever War will be a 3D first person shooter with NetHack-like gameplay and fully destructible environments based on the PolyVox technology ( http://www.thermite3d.org ). A tech demo is available now.


ProjectVia.net is a web based project management and collaboration support system based on JCorporate Expresso framework. Easy installation: just drop .war file to your servlet/jsp server default /webapp directory! VISIT HOME PAGE FOR ADDITIONAL INFO!!!

Waralchemy - Game based ASP.NET Application

A configuration based application "Mafia Wars" like application.

Swglabs - Star Wars Galaxies Labs

An open source .Net server emulator for Starwars Galaxies MMO.

Mpadow2 - Mod Project Assistant for Dawn of War 2

Mod Project Assistant - DOW2 MPA is a system for the creation and distribution of Modifications for Dawn of War 2. MPA allows you to create a mod and MPA loader system allows you to load custom mods into DOW2. Current Releases will not contain source code. Source Code will be released after the project moves from Alpha stage into Open Beta.


Extension to www.TribalWars.net

Rsmw - it is a ruby port of super mario war

it is a ruby port of famous fun game of super mario war, which is written in C++, which uses SDL. Please checkout the screenshot at Downloads section. There are 3 steps to run rsmw: 1. install Ruby 2. install RUDL (http://rudl.sourceforge.net/ ,just a simple zip file) 3. ruby main.rbw Please go to the Downloads section to check out the screenshot. and using svn to check out the code

Fatewar - �月圣�战争

�月圣�战争 http://grassmoon.net/bbs 还没正�开始就已��化