war-manager: Tcl and module for eggdrop

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ClanWar manager is suited for any online game. You can add users, wars, results and medals to the bot and let users add themselves to a war. The bot responds to set commands and gives lists of upcoming wars and medals. The TCL script is a limited script




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Gitblit - a pure Java Git solution

Gitblit is an open-source, pure Java stack for managing, viewing, and serving Git repositories. It's designed primarily as a tool for small workgroups who want to host centralized repositories. It is distributed in two variations Gitblit GO - a complete & integrated pure Java stack, Gitblit WAR - a traditional WAR distribution.

Heap Visualizer Webapp - Java Web Application to Visualize the Heap

A drop-in web application (.war) to visualize heap statistics. It consists of a Servlet that uses the Java Management API to introspect JVM Heap (and Non Heap) statistics and return a JSON object to render and an HTML to render the JSON object using jQuery.


ProjectVia.net is a web based project management and collaboration support system based on JCorporate Expresso framework. Easy installation: just drop .war file to your servlet/jsp server default /webapp directory! VISIT HOME PAGE FOR ADDITIONAL INFO!!!

Empire: Total War modding tools

A GUI application for managing Empire: Total War pack files. Features: * adding, deleting, extracting, and replacing of files * changing between different pack types (boot/release/patch/movie)

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SharpWars is a multiplayer 2D strategy game written in C# and Managed DirectX.

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File-tree - Web based file explorer with a file tree

Following functionality: - File Management (Move, delete, rename) File(s) and Folder(s) - View Files - Download File(s) - Upload File(s) - File Tree - Easily deployable war file

Javawebconsole - Web interface for managing java applications

- Web interface for managing java applications - Based on JMX technology - The application will be a war file javawebconsole.war , when we deploy this war in a application server such as Tomcat or Jonas , we will get informations (graphics ..) concernning : MBeans , JVM , CPU , Memory ,Threads , Class. The project will use : Java: Jsp: JMX API: Application servers (as Tomcat for exemple) Jsp html javascript,css ..; and for graphics we havent idea for the moment .:

Lib-tw - PHP library for managing Tribal Wars (www.tribalwars.net) game data

lib-tw is a PHP library for managing Tribal Wars game data. It provides a clean, object-oriented interface for tracking and querying game statistics. lib-tw also provides functionality geared towards developing applications similar to twstats.com. Requirements: Linux, PHP 5.3.x, MySQL 5.x, php-curl, php-mysqli, php-gd

Birdsofwar1946 - Birds of War

PROGRAM DEVLOPMENT: ONGOING Welcome to the development home of Birds of War: 1946, provided kindly by Google. The programmer is was born in '87 and living in Ontario, Canada. over a week I am happy to release the first version of Birds of War: 1946. The game is by no means done, but the engine is pretty much there. (Please note that some of the artwork used for this game are the work of Ari Feldman, used under the CPL license. Thanks Ari! If you have any suggestions at all for new features, chan