Webcomic Archive and News Generator

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Webcomic Archive and News Generator (WANG) is a database driven PHP application built for both aspiring and existing web comics. Written with a focus on security and speed, the code is built to be easy to use for code novices and experts alike.




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Systems Biology and Evolution Toolbox (SBEToolbox).

MPlayer WW

MPlayer modified by william0wang

X3dframework - a basic class library for x3d

it is programming by YaoBo WangSizhi LinLiusheng

Datawang - A .Net library for generating lists of random, meaningful data using Google Sets

DataWang is a .Net library that can generate useful, realistic data for use in the development/mocks/testing process. Based on Google Sets, this library provides a .Net API over the Google Set functionality (by making http calls to the Google Sets page and parsing the html response). Google Sets currently does not expose a programmatic API - DataWang provides you with programmatic .Net access to this cool Google labs feature! DataWang is a completely extensible framework for mock data generation

Worldtravelleronweb - World Traveller OnWeb Game Development

World Traveller OnWeb Game Development by Jin Wang Starting from March 16th, 2011

Tactics - The Tactics Programming Language

Project for COMS W4115 Programming Language and Translators at Columbia University Authors: Bo Li, Minglei Wang, Shu Yang, Chenguang Lu, Yi Lin.

Lyricsgrabber2 - Downloads lyrics for foobar

foo_lyricsgrabber2 is originated by T.P.Wang. It is an easy-to-use plugin to download lyrics and save them into a tag in your MP3 files. Credits: Obviously many thanks to T.P.Wang the initiator for this great plugin! libcurl - Copyright © 1998 - 2008, Daniel Stenberg. Python - Copyright © 1990-2010, Python Software Foundation. DEELX Regular Expression Engine - Copyright 2006 © RegExLab.com, �寿伟 (sswater shi).