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WinPenguins is a Win32 port of the X-Windows application XPenguins. It creates cute little penguins that wander around your Windows desktop. 5th March 2013 *UPDATE* After many years of inactivity, new version 0.76 is available for download. x64 is now supported. An x64 binary is provided - Riccardo Marcangelo


Ularn is a quot;rogue-likequot; game. It is text-based and have a familiar premise: wander around in a dungeon, collect treasure, deal with bad-tempered monsters, try to finish a quest.

Be The Wumpus

Be The Wumpus is an audio only game in which you are a wumpus -- a blind cave dwelling creature who subsists on meals of unlucky cave wanderers.

Ja-w-s - Java Wandering Shop

The Java Wandering Shop is a Java EE5 Shop. It will be high configurable and extensible to be able to fit for a lot of different types of shops. The Java Wandering Shop will be based on the following Technologies: EJB3 Seam Drools Hibernate JSF JBPM This shop will have a lot of small release cycles. Starting from a small implementation, with less features, to a bigger and more dynamic implementation.

Datawander - Application to migrate data between relational and object database.

Application to migrate data between relational and object database. Project use Oracle 10g XE as relational database and db4o as object database. More info: DataWander Project on Softpedia.

Wgte - The Wanderer's Guide to Earth is a Wikitravel downloader and offline viewer

The Wanderer's Guide to EarthThe Wanderer's Guide to Earth is an attempt at a Wikitravel downloader and offline viewer to make it possible to download and then browse all the Wikitravel articles while off-line. Ideal for traveling where no Internet is available, between Internet spots or where Internet is expensive. A free, up-to-date guidebook that can be updated by the user as Wikitravel changes. Aimed at netbooks, laptops or pocketpcs. Could potentially work on Android due to it being written

Sgf-parser-library - A pakage of sgf parser for programming langage i use.

I've been wandering the web a little to check for sgf parsers for a go game, but i've found very little of help on that. So i've decided to build a library of parsers for multiple language, i'll start with xCode, than php and python and after that i don't know.

Wanbooks - Wandering Books: managing collective libraries

Our goal is to create a web application to allow anyone to turn their personal book collection into a lending library. There are other implementations of the basic idea, but WANDERING BOOKS takes the concept further: it will not be just a personal library manager, but rather a collective library manager and it will bring forth a 'Book Commons'. WHAT IS A COLLECTIVE LIBRARY?It's the collection of all books belonging to you and to your friends which are available for lending. The catalog of such a

Kirbi - Kirbi: p2p library managament system

Kirbi is the engine of Wandering Books, a site to allow groups to turn their personal book and movie collections into a collective circulating library. It was designed to encourage book and movie sharing among friends and colleagues. To make a book or disk available to others, users don't have to give up their ownership, as one of the aims is to make book lending safer to people who have many books and like to share, but hate to loose track of them. The system also allows people to donate books

Dreamfarmgdk - Game Development Kit by "Dream Farm Games". 2D/3D Graphics Engine. Win32 Di

Dream Farm GDK is a simple 2D/3D graphics engine and used primary for minigames development. This engine was used in development of the game "The Book of Wanderer: The Story Of Dragons". The development branch is migrated to http://github.com/reven86/dreamfarmgdk No futher updates will be at code.google.com.