Wampum Personal Finance

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Personal financial manager like many others, but hopefully different. The emphasis is on integration with existing applications (GNUCash) and office suites like OpenOffice. The application uses a standard HSQLDB database for easy JDBC integration.




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Wampumphysics - Projects by Wampum Physics

This is a collection of projects by Wampum Physics. Very soon now I will have some free time on my hands and will be able to upload a number of projects I've been working on recently. New projects include: ZIFduino v2 My own version of the Adafruit TV-Be-Gone C binary heap library Small C FFT library Projects up so far: ZIFduino v1 - a breadboard compatible Arduino programming board MiniSynth v1 - a small Arduino based analog/digital hybrid synthesizer I recently purchased have been playing with

Cuemaker - Automates the creation of CDDA CUE files with CD-Text

1. The WhyBecause both Nero and EAC (Exact Audio Copy) are complete arses when it comes to supporting cue files (On one side, EAC generates non-logical CUE sheets and on the other Nero still produces coasters if it sees out of order data), cuemaker automates the creation of CDDA CUE sheets with CD-Text, from ripped CDDA tracks, by parsing the information already present in the file names. 2. The HowWell, let's say you have the following files in your directory (And FYI, yes, I do own an original